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Hey look, it's a lot of ideas and explanations of said ideas to make the game better


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Whew.... that was a big title, gonna be an even bigger post, so here we go:


End Game Content and PvE:

Puzzles / Group Puzzles with unique rewards, each in its own instance (eg solve a riddle, piece together door valves or locks)

Guild vs Guild content, (team deathmatch, tracker to see who does more Ops / FP's) with unique rewards for the victor

Cross Server group finder



HUGE, server wide warzone, Republic v Empire battle, fight for control of base camps, anti aircraft guns and the like, much like the DaoC frontiers (EA owns that now if i recall correctly)

Better Armor (the best PvP armor is not at all close to the best, even the second best PvE armor)

Unique Armor from warzone commendations (it all looks the same, did you even try?)

Guild Ship battles / raids (eg board an enemy guild ship and attempt to destroy / control it, with any other guilds that agree to this)



Mini-games (being added with this coming update, but still more is better)

1st Part Modifications of the game. eg, graphics update or UI recolor in the form of an .exe file, released directly by EA / Bioware

Change ship parts (eg. Fury furniture in a D5 Mantis)


Armor Ideas

Plush Rancor Hat

Sarlac Hat

Shoulder Armor appearance slot

Head / Helmet accessories


Weapon Ideas

Gun Enamel / Dye

More wild varieties of color crystals


Character Customization

Punk hairstyles

Multi-colored hair

More hairstyles

Tattoos on all characters regardless of class


So what do you, Devs and Players, think about any / all of these? If you have any criticisms or comments please say so (even if it is just "no." )

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I have a feeling you also play TF2.


Quite possibly.... however they would still be a lot of fun to have in this game



(more ideas that I thought of between posting this and a few minutes later)


Cantina Music in your ship (with ability to add your own mp3 files)

Follower mute button (TREEEK OMG)

Guild uniforms (there's another post on that)

More follower quests, not just talking, but actual quest lines from them about their pasts, or projects, or lives


Maybe something to add compatability with people doing quests at the same time and not having to wait for a respawn (dare i say it... but ESO did this, and that was one of the few features i liked about that game)


More races, or a wider variety of customization of the current ones

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