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<Dynasty of Evil> is recruiting new imperial members


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<Dynasty of Evil>

Recruiting new members of all classes and levels.


<Dynasty of Evil> was formed less than a month ago on Jedi Convenient as a core group that broke off from a previous larger but inactive guild on the Pot5 server,. We have a solid core leader group with a progression minded but casual player group that is ready to roll HM Dp/Df with the hopes of filing rolls here on JC that are currently open.


We started the guild on Pot5 on the grounds of not wanting to be the "best" guild but the most active, with friendly casual players that enjoy raiding as well as PvP and we are looking for new members here to enjoy having a social, active membership that want to learn more about the game.


As I stated earlier, we are not here to be a world/server first guild. We have members who enjoy progression raiding and clearing content but we are more focused on making sure everyone feels included and part of a community. We have all been in those guilds that when you sign on there are maybe a handful of people online with no plans of any kind. I know I have.


Right now we are looking to put together a HM ops progression team for Tuesday and Thursday 730pm est. Teamspeak3 is required.


If <DoE> sounds like something you would be interested in, PST Blaidde, Gunivere, or Drakonous



additional info: HM ops team rebuilding tuesdays and thursday 730pm, est. looking for tanks and healer as first need but dps slots open as well. send in game whisper or mail.

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One additional item. if you are in a guild that is smaller and not as active or are a guild leader in a smaller guild and want the fun and enjoyment of the game minus running things we are always open to taking in smaller guilds to join our crew.
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