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A few suggestions for PVP


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The WZ queue needs to contain the same filters as the FP queue. This would avoid people joining the WZ only to leave because they don't like that particular match or map. Admittedly, I am guilty of doing this, especially since I have a hard time fitting my sniper into the Quesh Huttball map.


Secondly, as I also PvE and enjoy being able to customize my characters looks, the armorings in the PvP gear should either be unrestricted so they can be put in any piece of gear (or restricted to that piece in order to retain set bonuses). Or make armorings available for purchase with expertise from the PvP vendors.


Lastly, as most classes have multiple CC abilities, a cool down for CC breaks needs to be reduced, or an immunity timer like DAoC introduced late in its heyday. Where if you are CC'd you cannot be CC'd for a certain duration once that CC is broken.

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