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<Anti Knives Establishment> Level 20+ Recruiting!


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We are both PvE and PvP end game. We have a sturdy and stable heirarchy and democracy. We are an active guild that helps each other out, in both story progression, and sidequests/heroics. We currently have around 340 members in our guild but probably will slim down the inacitve and lower level toons. We're friendly and outgoing, willing to help both guildies and non guildies when they need it. We are currently only accepting levels 20 and above due to having so many toons in the guild, if we do end up clearing the inactive and lower level toons we will remove the level requirement as long as you prove to be active on the toon. If you want to join us, our teamspeak and guild leader/staff info is listed below, Please Whisper one of us or send us a mail and we'll try to get to you if you're online when we see it. (All staff listed is their in-game character name.)


Guild leader - Howardsterrn

Counciler - Bàné

Counciler - Jynxymynxy

Counciler - Wipeoutyeti

Counciler - Ridi'kah

Counciler - Alister

Counciler - Darth Blood

Counciler - Vekate


Teamspeak IP - ts.cyb3rgaming.com

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