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1000 Ways to Die in GSF!

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#98 Trying to move Directional Shield to "forward" from "ballanced" (pressing 2 maniacally ):

- Activate forward deflector shield!

- too late!...

(BLC/rail/something other hits while shields are moved to rear...


#99 getting into middle of bugged match (not pressing anything and still getting killed before the map loads...


Please think of something really good for #100 ;)

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#107 Maneuvering close to an obstacle, boosting forward, scratching the very tip of your left wing at mentioned obstacle... and then exploding in a huge ball of fire, leaving behind a cloud of debris. Edited by Veyss
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#109 Using EMP Burst to disable a minefield surrounding a fully armed Sat, only to be killed by a Sat turret that didn't get hit by the explosion.


#110 Trying to fly really fancy-like around a Sat, then hitting the antenna.

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#113: Being offered 10k credits for each gunship kill in a match while the enemy premade is in your mumble channel listening in and ganging up on you. :p


(Still made 80k)


on a related note:


#114 Being terrible at alt names and talking about people who are currently in voice chat (on the enemy team)


Was playing against jubzz and didn't know he was in VOIP. Basically let him know I was going to come gun for him, in some colorful words. *Facepalm* Didn't realize until after match and was quite embarrassed.


#115 Giving away your tactics to the enemy team (when they are in mumble with you)

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