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Fastest way to level?


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I really enjoy the class quests for each class, but hate redoing the planet quests. I want to experience each of the class stores but right now it really starts to drag on after I finish the capital worlds.


What is the fastest way to level? What kind of items should I get?

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I honestly believe that running KDY over & over & over & over (& repeat many many times) with xp boosts is probably the quickest way. However, when you get to 55 you will have no money & no trade skills to speak of because you spent all your leveling time in KDY. So it's not the cheapest, but I believe it to be the quickest.
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Fastest would probably be Kuat Drive Yards over and over again during Double-XP weekend.


Personally I wouldn't be able to do that, as I'm rather tired of KDY by now. PvP is also a great way to level. You can run class missions in between PvP. If you don't want to do PvP or KDY, you could try this:


But these legacy perks:

Class Mission XP

Exploration XP

Ship Mission XP


Once per day do the yellow or orange on-rails ship missions. Log out at a cantina for the rested XP. Buy a 5-pack of the +25% XP consumable buff and keep it running at all times. Buy some "instant Quick-Travel" consumables to speed up turning in quests (quest XP is better than mob XP).


You should be able to level with class quests, ship mission dailies, and a minimum of shared planetary quests.

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Grouping also will increase your speed of gaining levels. I try to give my characters something new to do.


I don't do Bonus Series on my earlier characters, in hopes of skipping a lot of side-quests on the later characters but doing Bonus Series.

I also missed a lot of Flashpoints on my first 3 characters, so I am hoping to pick those on the later characters. Space combat, I never seem to have time for it, as I am so eager to do planets.

I divide and conquer companions, on the classes I am repeating as well as running some in DS and some in LS mode.

When Planets get boring, I figure I would try more Space Missions.


Finally, I alternate Pub and Imp sides, so the content is somewhat forgotten. But I doubt I will be repeating stuff like Things That Czerka Found. Hopefully not too many of those! But I have a bad feeling about it....


Honestly, if the only alternative to repeating the same sidequests doing something else over and over, are you winning that much?

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