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Thanks. Not much meat there, though...


Question 1 was, admittedly, short changed a bit, but in all: the issue will largely be fixed. Madness will have purpose in PVP. It'll still squish pretty hard, but it will pour out tremendous damage now.


Our second question was largely answered. See here for the real Deception part of that answer (then you may wish to read the whole thread, but it's a bit long). Between that and the answer to question 1, they pretty much answered question 2.


As far as question 3 is concerned, there has been a lot of discussion on what to do with Phase Walk among the community, and, according to what the devs said, they're looking to change phase walk for dps, and want to see that discussion evolve and develop. Also, it's been improved to a 5 minute duration and half second cast time for 2.8, so it's already seen some relatively good changes.


We may not have liked having half our questions answered by already planned changes in a future patch, but it's better than them not happening at all, and we had one of the more successful question sets.

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