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fix battlemaster stalker's robe so double lightsabers don't clip through the back

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It really sucks how double bladed lightsabers clip through the back when walking with it out. This is a really cool armor piece and it kills me that I can't use it because of this. Its so annoying because of how stupid it looks. I tested it with a male body type 3 and a female body type 2. I have the same issue with both. I think its fairly safe to assume this will happen with any body type with this armor piece. Its really ashame. This armor piece has been around since forever. I don't care this is only cosmetic, This armor piece needs to be properly worshiped, as it is one of the coolest armor pieces in the history of this game. It is the only armor piece I feel like wearing with a jedi shadow. now I have a hard time enjoying my shadow, as irrational as that might sound. It also happens with the adaptive armor version. Bioware please fix this. It is way overdue for a fix. I have no interest in wearing this armor piece with any other class
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