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Commando dps looking for aus guild pubside


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mains a commando wearing all (-1) 180 gear, im currently on the bastion server thinking of xfering over, im from australia and im looking for a guild that raids in this timezone. im interested in any 16man ops, i can do hms but im not very experienced, however i learn fast. i prefer dpsing but also can heal if needed. my current server is completely dead in my timezone, hour queues for tacticals, forget 55fps and the ops are non existant. 12 people in fleet tonight... leaving me very bored


my current guild are starting to reroll imp as its more active, tonight there was 1 other person online.


im looking for a friendly guild thats very active and runs plenty of operations, must be aus timezone, must be active, and it must have a cool name. i dont mind running fps or helping out fresh 55s, anything is better sitting in fleet all night


i also have an alt shadow which is decently geared and keen on ops, most probably be xfering her too

and finally a friend would xfer over with me, hes after the same thing i want

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I have seen your post and am eager to extend a welcome to come join <Excession>. We are an APAC guild with players predominately based in Aus. Please feel free to see our Recruitment thread:


Further to this, please have a look at the guild website:



If you have a character on The Harbringer, please contact Ace-angel, Crankan, Nelmi, or Shadowgella if you would like to discuss anything further or obtain information.


Happy Gaming

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