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In-game mail upon reaching level 55


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Suggestion: Please send in-game mail to each and every character that reaches level 55. Use the mail to inform the player that new adventures and better gear await on Oricon. Instruct them how to start the Oricon storyline and tell them, once they complete it, they will be able to contribute to groups in lvl 55 hardmode Flashpoints.


Result if implemented: Less people wearing a mix of lvl 29 green gear, lvl 43 blue mods with some lvl 50 purple items here and there will be visiting said flashpoints.


Bonus: People will not have to carry undergeared newbies that have no clue and everyone will have a more enjoyable experience.


Thank you.

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Mail on every level seems a bit of an overkill. Every five levels would be less intrusive and it's when most people get new gear anyway.


Don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping and carrying lesser-geared players but using GF to queue for Czerka HM flashpoints when you're wearing green 29 gear is just insane. I had several woefully undergeared players in the last few days and wiped on the big droid six times. Soloed that rocket-launcher colonel or what's his face two times because people had no idea to move out of his AoE.


Initiating vote kick against most of those people resulted in verbal abuse from them and one even threatened to report me. And he had 22k health as a sentinel with lvl 50 pieces being the highest rating mods on him. Quick check of his achievements was an age-old story: Reaper and Collicoid = 100%, Operations = 0%. Way undergeared and no experience in operations whatsoever means I'm initiating a vote kick on sight. No discussion, no arguments, no debates. Go to Oricon, get some help from guildies and gear up.


Only a few people take that suggestion the way it's intended - a friendly reminder. Most of them just rage and unknowingly prove my point of them being inexperienced by leaving the group instead of waiting for the vote kick to go through. Their best argument is "LOL I've done this loads of times". When it's obvious they haven't touched HM content. The friendly ones are aware they're undergeared, take the advice, thank you for it and go to Oricon. One was so clueless and had no idea how he actually got into a Czerka HM flashpoint that I took him on a run through Oricon once I was done with the FP.


But seriously, BioWare, implement some kind of questing progression tracker and reminder for people. Current implementation of main storyline just stops and people have no idea how to get to Makeb and Oricon. Mail reminder for each of these destinations would be great and we'd have less undergeared and inexperienced players causing aggro in random groups.

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Makeb isnt too bad...you get a prompt in your ship.


Although that could use an implementation that doesn't put a "spoil details about my class story ending" button on your ship as soon as you hit 45. (Sure it can be a funny goof if you've played another character of that class before, but for a newer player that hasn't finished a character yet and doesn't know what's going on it's a huge problem.)


Anyway, my thought for this general idea about adding notifications about various content would be to add a small mission terminal in the bridge of each ship similar to what they've currently got for picking up on-rails space missions. Think of it like that mission terminal on Voss that informs you to go back and check for the Hoth bonus series. Except it could issue breadcrumb missions like that for all bonus series (that haven't been run or at least started already) and also the priority alerts for all the dailies areas.


I'd throw the Makeb starter as a mission to be picked up on that terminal and I'd make sure the description when picking up the mission made it clear that some details of the class story might be spoiled if you haven't finished yet. The ship's holoterminal would not turn into that big shiny spoiler button until you specifically choose to pick up this mission.


On a kind of similar note this is reminding me of my ideas that I've had about how they could reorganize the mission terminals on fleet a bit and change the priority terminal by the starter planet elevator into a "tutorial terminal". (Add a copy of the tutorial terminal by the starter planet shuttles and by the capital planet shuttle and on the capital by the fleet shuttle as well. Be redundant to give newbies more chances to see it and get curious about seeing what it is.)


The tutorial terminal would hold all sorts of little breadcrumb missions designed to give new players a guided tour of the fleet and the game's features. It would show where to find crew skills and where to choose an advanced class. It would hold the missions "introduction to group finder" (only available here and at the flashpoints terminal (rename the priority terminal)), "introduction to warzones" (only available here and at the warzones terminal (rename the pvp terminal)), and "introduction to starfighter" (only available here and at the starfighter terminal (new terminal to be added separate from the warzones terminal)). It could have breadcrumbs showing where the other mission terminals can be found. It could have a breadcrumb leading to the starfighter launch hangar to lead people to KDY's intro. It would have that social mission (reach social 1 and purchase the social badge) which is currently the ONLY thing that ever shows up on the social terminal (which should be removed).


Actually, I think I'd call the new terminal on the ship a priority terminal and I'd still keep a priority terminal on fleet (near tutorial terminal? or perhaps at all four of those intersections near the fleet elevators?) instead of replacing it with the tutorial terminal, but the priority terminal would be set apart as something separate from the flashpoints terminal. Also, maybe the KDY breadcrumb would be more of a priority notice instead of a tutorial?

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