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Healer questions


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I just recently leveled up to 55, and among other things, have visited Oricon for the first time. I have found the Corrupted Subteroth to be like some of the Class Quests during my level climb: a wakeup call that I'm not playing my character particularly well. I've been reading some advice about the quest in particular, and I'm trying to incorporate the advice I'm seeing in how I'm playing this (interrupt the one ability, kill the tentacle quickly), but I'm also trying to look at how I'm using and gearing my healing companion.


I'm a Jedi Shadow, and I'm currently specced for balance build, and I'm using the tanking stance (forgot the name, the one that increases threat generation). I've settled into using Tharan, and other than this quest, I've liked how he's increased my survivability. Here are the questions I'm wrestling with:


1. Is the Ewok any better as a healer? I have just enough Cartel point to buy him, and I'd be willing to if it would make for better healing, but I've not been able to find much online to make it clear whether he makes much of a difference.


2. I've been updating Tharan's gear focusing on Cunning and Power. Is there a better way to improve his healing? When I hit this wall, I realized that most of his gear was rated about 116, and now the average probably falls out in the 140's, but I'm not sure if I'm approaching his gear correctly. I don't have a fortune in credits, so when I'm buying gear or upgrades in the marketplace, I'm not buying the best, but I'm happy to make whatever investment I can to improve him if it helps.


Any advice on improving my healer companion would be greatly appreciate.



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You might also try to ask some of the people on Oricon for help.

I do play a Seer, and I did have some issues with some of the bosses. The one you talk about actually went over easily, but that plant-type thing was a bit tougher, as I had to do the interrupt and quickly take care of the tentacle it spawns. Took a few attempts as I had just gotten back to the game.


I did struggle with the final of those bosses, the Sith. I did step outside of his place, and asked for help locally. Within 15 secs, two guys ran by, invited me, and annihilated the guy together with me.


However, if you do take these quests as a pure challenge and would prefer to solo them, then I hope you will find a way to kill those bosses. I did struggle a bit with 2 or 3 of them, but the feeling of killing them after dieing a few times (being rusty from being away for so long definitely showed right there) was pretty cool =)

Good luck!

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