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Volatile derelict saberstaff question


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I assume you're referring to the length when it's on your belt. The Derelict Saberstaff is actually larger than the Volatile Derelict Saberstaff, but when it goes on your belt they shrink it down. For the Volatile one they do not.


For reference all of the saberstaffs from vanilla SWTOR shrink when they're placed on your belt. The ones that have been added since are a bit inconsistent in that regard. Some shrink, others don't, some are positioned like a single-bladed saber, others are positioned like a double-bladed saber.


I actually prefer the Valatile Derelict Saberstaff because of this. It's pretty stupid for your lightsaber to magically shrink on your hip, it's a large saber and should look as such. That said, some of the newer ones look way too big.

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