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<You Don't Know Us> Looking to fill casual HM Raid Spots


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<You Don't Know Us>

Faction: Imperial

Small, Semi-Casual PvE with the occasional PvP

Website: youdontknowus.enjin.com - Click Recruitment and fill the application out!

Voice Chat: Team Speak 3

Current DF/DP Progress: We are 9/10 in Hard Mode at the moment with a full clear on DF.

Open Recruitment with special love for RPDS

And, as always, recruiting exceptional players in General

Raid Days: Tuesday/Wednesday (changes depending on schedules weekly) and Thursdays at 8:30 PM EST on a first sign up first serve basis. That schedule may change shortly depending on changing schedules of our raiders. If we get the correct group of people, we are willing to open up another raid group as well.


People who are looking for a semi-casual guild of adults who realize that life exists and are looking for a guild to run end game content with are welcome as well



Currently Looking For: People to fill the blanks in on an HM team with preference given to Ranged DPS. Hard Mode experience is not necessary, but you should be equipped minimally with 168s that are augmented, preferably with some 180s. Set bonuses are also a plus.


If you don't have that equipment yet, feel free to join and we'll help get you where you need to be, especially for people that know their rotations well. We will not give a slot in the HM progression groups to anyone who isn't geared until they are geared up and ready to go.


We don't require members to commit to an ops group, but if you sign up to run an op, you are expected to be there.


About Us


If you're looking for a guild that's a huge chat room and that has twenty people on at all times, we're not for you.


If you're looking for a guild that's super hard core raiding to push for NiM, we're not for you.


If you're looking for a guild filled with teenagers, we aren't for you.


If you're a person who has a life in the real world that comes before SWTOR, but wants to be in a group of fun people that raids and will generally help out if you're looking for end game group content - we're totally for you.


If you're more casual but want to try HM content, and can be around at least once per week for runs, we're totally for you.




What if I have a friend who wants to join as well?


That's fine. Because of the type of guild this is, I encourage people to bring a friend - not just for numbers, but also because doing stuff with your friends is fun.


What if I have alts?


Bring them too if you want. All I ask is that you toss a member note on them saying that they belong to you. That way I know who I'm talking to.


Do you just do raiding?


If people are on, for the most part we're happy to run flashpoints, heroics, etc.


Would you consider a guild merger?


I actually end up with this question a lot. I made a promise to my guildies that I would not merge our guild in with another guild. Basically, unless I have a unanimous decision from the guild itself, I will adhere to that, and I will not put my guild over to another one.


As for the other way around, those considerations are going to be made on a case by case basis. I'm not going to just take anyone to inflate our numbers, the guilds would need to run together for a while, make sure we all mesh personality wise, and we would need to figure out all sorts of logistics such as Officer Ranks, Website, TS Server, etc etc. The answer isn't no, but I'm not just going to jump on a merger with no thought or effort put into it either. If you are interested in a guild merger, please contact me in game under Sitaniah or Kaesha. If I'm not on, you can ask for an officer who will be sure to get the message to me.


I'm looking for a leveling guild, is this guild right for me?


We don't have a lot of people who are at a lower level to run the heroics etc. with you, it's a lot of 55s. If you're leveling, you want the XP bonus, and you're looking for someplace for you or you and a small group of friends to hang out while you're getting to 55, that's fine, but you aren't going to find people to level with you here.


Do you have a guild bank?


Sigh. Yes. We have a free for all tab that anyone can take stuff from, we have a Friends Only tab that's open to people if they've been around for a while and just ask, a bank specifically for our HM raiders that keep showing up all the time with Stims, Adrenals, Augmentation Kits, etc, and a Prize Vault for events.


Events? What?


Yeah, we run those sometimes too. We ran a Naked PvP tournament (that I failed at) that had some epic fights, we've done Republic VIP events, 50/50 Drawings, and we sell +10 Datacron Pulls. Our prize bank is getting sexier too.


How do you get guild cash? Are you one of those guilds that has fees?


No, we don't have fees. Donations are great, but really we do +10 Datacron Pulls, and other things like 50/50 drawings (see above) to raise credits.


In Game Contact/How To Apply


You can message/whisper Kaesha or Sitaniah in game. If you don't catch me online, I'll friend you until we can talk - I don't like to just spam out a /ginvite, I prefer to talk to someone before they are invited. Also, you can go to youdontknowus.enjin.com and fill out our application on the website - I'll get the email letting me know it was put in, and we can communicate there in case I'm having issues finding you in game for some reason.

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Updating Ops Info
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Updated the raid info. We had a good response to this, our 8 man team is filled up as of now (one guildie got their gear caught up, I swapped my sorc to healer, and we pulled in a replacement DPS) but the eventual goal is a 16 man group. Why? Let's face it - more comms, more loot, and more fun.
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Updated again with what we're exactly looking for for the raid group. People who just want to run SM when they can are also free to apply as well: youdontknowus.enjin.com has our application.
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Update again - I've changed the application for the guild up a bit. Now applicants have a question as to what they want to do with the guild - join the HM team right away, Want to Join but need to Gear Up, and I don't care about joining, I just want to chill. It's not a trick question - I just don't want to bug people for HM ops that don't want to do them, and I want to make sure I know who wants to run them to keep in communication for ops dates.
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Update - a few of the above mentioned spots are possibly filled, we had a few new recruits in the past few days. We still have openings though, so if you're looking to join just fill out an application and/or contact me in game. :)
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Hey all,


For anyone interested in talking about an invite, I'm going to be out of town coming up soon. While I'm gone, you can just message anyone from You Don't Know Us (just put in the guild name on the Who tab) and ask to speak with an officer. Also, you can always put in an application on the website.

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Woo, I'm back!


I updated what we're looking for. We basically need 3 Ranged DPS and 1 Healer for the 16 man team. We've got a lot of Melee DPS right now, but we will never turn away talent (because that would be dumb). Feel free to either toss in an application on the website or just send me a message and we can chat about it in game. :)

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Just updated our needs. For the moment we're running 2 8 man teams with plans to merge them together for 16 man runs as well. We've been getting a great response - spots are filling up so if you want in, let me know!
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It just occurred to me that I should put our progress in there so people know we're actually doing stuff and not starting from scratch.


Also, if people want to join the HM Group right away (because they are geared) I will ask that you do a run with us before you get an invite. This isn't because we're crazy elitists (actually, most of our guild is here because we aren't crazy elitists) but more because we want to make sure you fit with us personality wise, and have some idea of what you're doing.

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