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I need computer advice.


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Ok I am in need of a new computer but I’m not sure if I should get a desktop or a laptop. I need opinions of those who know what to get.


Here’s the situation about space. I don’t have a whole lot of room for a full tower in my new place. I can definitely fit it in but it won’t have adequate airflow. Mid tower would most likely be better in terms of space and air. I do realize there is liquid cooling now but even that needs some measure of air flow to cool the liquid and possibly the motherboard.


Should I invest in a laptop? I know there are trade offs between a desktop and a laptop. The desktop is generally more powerful and can handle more than the laptop computers but with laptop computers you gain mobility. They are smaller and they can be taken on the go. You don’t need to buy a monitor for a laptop.


The thing is I have been out of touch with technology for the past couple years. I’ve found out that laptops can now have 2-way SLI/Crossfire modes with multiple video cards. Are laptops still laughed at in terms of gaming?


I’ve been looking at a laptop with these specs:

• 17.3 Inch (16:9) (Resolution: 1920 x 1080) (Anti-glare) LED-Backlit Display

• Intel Core i7 4940MX Extreme Edition (Up to 4.0GHz) (Quad Core) (8MB Cache)

• 16GB DDR3 1600MHz

• 1TB Solid State - Samsung 840 EVO

• 2x SLI (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M 8GB with NVIDIA Battery Boost + NVIDIA Optimus)


That’s at $4.3k. Not sure if that’s a real good price but it comes with a 4 year warranty.


The desktop I’ve been looking at is this:

• Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 4960X 3.6GHz (Six-Core) (Extreme Performance)

• ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition X79 (Intel X79 Chipset)

• 32GB DDR3 2400MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum DHX (Extreme-Performance)

• 1x SSD (1TB Samsung 840 EVO)

• 2x SLI Dual (NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black 6GB (Includes PhysX)

• Integrated Motherboard Audio **I don’t have room for speakers at all but I do still have my 7.1 surround sound headset**

• Asus 4K Gaming 31 inch PQ321Q Series (3840 x 2160 Resolution) (Black) (LED Backlight)


That’s all for $10.4k. Including the warranty.

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I'll respond in a couple of posts (so let's call this part 1).


Firstly, I'd go desktop just because a $1k desktop is generally equal to a $1400-$1500 laptop (generalization).

So you'll be much better future proofed (as in you won't have to replace parts as often) with the desktop.


Secondly, I'd actually go for the 4930k over the 4960x just I don't think the small increase in performance is worth the large increase in cost between the two. But then again you are considering a 10.4k rig, so you have much more spare cash.


Regarding the desktop price, I think you should order the parts off Newegg and have a trusted computer company (I use NCIX) put the rig together. Most companies charge like $50-$75 for putting it together and you can buy warranties for like $60 a year. I suspect it would only cost you about $7k if you used this method (rather than 10.4k for a computer with the exact same parts).

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Jesus... I don't know anybody with machines that expensive... what on earth could possibly require that much power? No game that I've ever seen. I could build 5 very fast gaming rigs for $10k.


Still, if you're dropping that much cash on a machine, buy the desktop. It would eat the laptop for lunch and have the added bonus of a larger screen - all that rendering muscle is wasted on a small 1080p display.

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My laptop that so far has obliterated everything I have tried on full settings, to include CoD Ghosts, SWTOR, Borderlands 2, HL2, Wildstar Beta, Battlefield 4.....Ok, BF4 I had to turn down just a smidge...lol.


Also, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231631. For $120 more, you bump up to a GTX870 from the GTX770 in the above model. No need to go that overboard on price unless you just have the cash to blow. These two are already expensive enough.


Edit: Oh, and I run HDMI to a 42" 1080P TV/Monitor at full 1920x1080 res.

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I much prefer laptops nowadays, yes they are a bit more expensive, but being able to hook my laptop up to my 32" TV then unhook it and take it to my friend's house, or like right now I am sitting on my couch with my laptop... cant move a desktop.


Oh and ASUS rules! Seriously, only time I've ever bought a PC twice from the same company. I've had Sony VAIO, HP, Dell, and more.. but never until my Asus did I ever go back to the company.

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