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Suggestion for customer support


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So, I've been playing the game for more than two years, but just started posting to the forums and actually looking at the forums. I have a suggestion for customer support, regarding the forums. I'd like to see a threshold that automatically requires a response of some sort for customer support for any forum that is aimed at customer support or the devs - forums like the bug reports and the suggestion box. For instance, any thread in such forum that reaches its fifth page of post, or that reaches its 50th supporter, automatically must then be replied to or commented on by customer support, either in terms of saying they're aware of a bug and, have a fix, are working on a fix, don't have a fix yet, aren't even working on a fix, or that they've seen a suggestion and are adding it to the dev list, adding it to a list of things to be changed, discarding it in spite of support. The threshold could be higher than that, but I would like to see a threshold. It seems to me that a bug report or a suggestion thread shouldn't hit 100 supporters over a couple of months or longer and never, ever get any kind of communication from Bioware. Consider this a suggestion for some QA of your customer support, just like you have QA of the game.
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