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<Population Control> (Imperial) Looking for Ops Team Members SM/HM


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Are you awesome, fun, and looking for a guild?


Population Control, the dark side of Shock and Jawa, is looking for Ops teams members!


Ops run at 7:00 PM Pacific Time. Mumble voice chat is required.


Wednesdays: All roles.

Fridays: DPS


Both teams run TFB, S&V, DF, and DP. You can be on either or both teams!


Our Sunday & Monday hard mode team is in need of a tank. This teams runs both evenings, and you would need to commit to both days. You should have at least 168 gear, preferably augmented) and have run TFB, S&V, DF, and DP in story mode.


Population Control is a mature, but family friendly guild! Our goal is not only to progress, but to have fun doing it! We accept anyone over the age of 16. We are PvE centered, have a guild bank, a website, and Mumble voice chat. We accept all levels and classes and have the maximum XP and Reputation bonuses (10%). For general Guild Information, see our website at: http://www.shockandjawa.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9247138&gid=311384


Look me up in game, or look for one of our officers, or post a message here.

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