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Force power & lightsaber skill


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A lightsaber is not an actual physical blade, it's a plasma / particle beam, therefore it has no tangible weight or heft to it beyond the hilt.


This makes it extremely easy for mundane or untrained users to basically mutilate or kill themselves if they just pick up a lightsaber, ignite it, and start swinging it around, because you have no tactile sense of where it's going or what the blade's current position is.


Force users have an inherent advantage here because their increased senses / perception / awareness / etc. allow them a much better understanding of where the blade is going and what it's doing. Training & experience is obviously the other half of this.


If you're asking why equipping a Lightsaber increases your Force Power... well... let's start by asking why a Smuggler equipping a random shotgun suddenly gains more Tech Power. :p

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