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Afking Wz's


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This is along the same lines, yet a bit different. But since you opened the can of worms, i'll chime in as well.


Since there isn't much ranked solo going on, please keep in mind that you may get a "premade." Don't leave the match just because you don't think you have a chance. I have seen PUGs beat many groups, especially since I've rerolled impside.


Also, whats been really grinding my gears lately, don't come into ranked with operation gear on. I, like many serious PvPers, don't care how good you are against scripted bosses. Your 180s will help the enemy slice through you like a hot knife through butter. If you are after the Brutalizer relics, just play in unranked and convert the comms over, because with that gear on, you wont ever finish a ranked daily, let alone a ranked weekly.

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So yeah certain guilds have been afking wz's I am sure you will see me calling them out in general chat. Would like to see other people do the same as it really sucks to have a close game and lose because of an afker.


Heh, there is the one Imp Sorcerer that comes in and just RE's off in the corner. You can't vote kick the guy because he just starts eating himself to avoid the kick.


EDIT: I am going to message the opposing team in general chat from now on when I am stuck in a WZ with the turd. Tell them where he is and disrupt his RE'ing.

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