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Combat Tech or Eliminator set bonus for VG/Mando sharing gear?


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I play VG/PT right now, but am contemplating leveling up a Commando or Merc to add a range DPS and healer to my set of toons for PVE. Is the 2 piece combat tech bonus useful at all? I can't imagine battle readiness coming off cooldown 15 seconds earlier will have much impact on my DPS. Right now, it comes off cooldown right when I get 4 shoulder cannons loaded, so it's perfect for me, since I like to use shoulder cannon in between CDs with battle readiness up for maximum effect. I'm not a hardcore raider though, so I don't know if not having the 15 seconds off will help me with NIM down the road.


If 15 seconds off battle readiness CD has nearly no impact on my DPS, then I'd rather just get the Eliminator bonus set (which looks like it has a nice crit bonus) so my gear works to maximum efficiency across all toons sharing the gear. If it does have noticeable benefits, since my main is a VG, then I'll just get the Combat Tech bonus.



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