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Nightlife packs - when are they gonna be released at global servers?


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This thread isn't about what is content vs. what isn't. You said the CM "is actual content" thus you derailed the thread thus you broke the forum rules. You also made a post saying how you sleep during the day. How the **** is that on topic? :rolleyes:


Actually you opened the door.


^This. The cash shop only helps fund the greedy investors of EA and to the department to reskin the same tired ****** every month. All the devs care at this point is gouging the playerbase and you drones fall for it.



They could use that revenue to develop actual content instead of releasing the same tired garbage every 4 weeks. No wonder TOR is bleeding subs and people are flocking to ESO and Wildstar


This whole post of yours is Off Topic by your definition.


As for my response of sleeping during the day, I was responding to the comment of "Whatever helps you sleep at night."


So please you and SLC need to stop de-railing this thread.

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