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[Republic] Sentinel DPS and Sage Healer LF raiding guild.


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I have two characters I play daily in need of a good raiding guild.


Sidien - Sentinel DPS - Currently combat speced but have been watchman before.

I consider this my main but I play my healer equally as much.

I currently have him completely geared out in 168 rating PVE gear I believe (will have to double check when I get home)

Also have 70-80% of my pvp gear if people like to pvp. I do need to start ranked here soon.


Siliana - Sage Healer

This is my secondary character, but I try to play it just as much as my main. I also want to raid each week with both.

I just hit 55 a little while ago with this character so it is not as geared as my dps, but I should be maxed out with 168 rated gear by the end of next week, if work doesn't kill me.

I am 2 or 3 pieces behind my dps with pvp gear on this character as well.


What I am looking for is a friendly group of people who know how to have fun, but serious when needed. I would like to have a pretty regular raiding schedule and as previously mentioned I would like to raid with both characters if possible.



My Credentials from oldest to newest:

EQ - Yes I am that old. I played on Sullon Zek a PvP server in the top alliance for my group Tides of Wrath.

Some minor MMOs - they didn't live long

Shadowbane - I was with the Shadow Consortium and we were the bane of that PvP universe while it lasted.

WoW - I was in vanilla and was one of my guilds main tanks on Blackhand. I even reached rank 13 in PvP when that thing mattered...

More minor MMOs - Lets not talk about these lol

DCUO - I was playing this awhile back and was the main raid leader for my guild for about a year.


There is probably more I can say here but I am at work currently so if you have questions feel free to contact me.


One last thing I need to add is that I live in the Central Time Zone. So I will be on and off the game 2 hours before most people. I got suckered into joining a west coast server due to a friend lol.

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Shock and Jawa has openings on two different teams, one on Tuesdays and one on Saturdays, both at 7:00 PM Pacific Time.


Both teams are currently running a rotation of TFB, S&V. Dread Fortress, and Dread Palace in story mode (With Toborro's Courtyard beforehand for comms).


S&J is a mature, yet family friendly guild. We've been around for over two years, and we have an Imperial sister guild. You can read about us at http://www.shockandjawa.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9247138&gid=311384.


Look for me in game (Gidrea, Sallah, or Giddy) and we can chat. :cool:

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Sounds like just the thing we value in <Quantum> . I'm the guild leader here and we focus on having a smaller group of people all playing together to do all the content. Raids get the focus with plenty of PvP as well. I, too, played EQ, EQ2, tried WoW and a number of other MMO's in the past (though I was pretty young! I can't say it qualifies me as "that old" lol!) We had about half a dozen members with similar, but varied qualifications at one point but not so anymore. I would love to have more like people :-)


Contact us in game or on our website if you like. I'm Parasi, can look for Ginga'ninja or anyone from Quantum for more info. We raid in the evenings, starting at 8pm Pacific but keep it flexible for days/weeks when stuff comes up and people have other commitments. We focus on Fri/Sat but also do Wednesday and Monday often. Hope to see you in game ;-)

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Hey there,


It sounds like you are looking for a guild that does a lot of good PVE and PVP. <PurpleParallel> might be a good fit for you. We are currently fielding two nightmare progression groups that are full however we also run weekly 16m HM DF and DP that are open to all guildies. Since you are in 168 gear it sounds like the next logical step for you would be HM DF / DP runs. We also a guild that loves to PVP and have many players queuing for reg pvp during the day and on off-raid nights we are usually queuing in full groups and sometimes op group double-queues. I personally run a lot of ranked on my sentinel (erexion) and have full brut on him!


If you have anymore questions feel free to whisper me in-game on either of my main toons: Erexion / Bunions. or can PM me here.


website: http://purpleparallel.swtorhost.com/

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