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Battlemaster Eliminator's Chestguard does not dye properly


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I have the republic/trooper Battlemaster Eliminator's Chestguard, Greaves and Boots equipped. I tried on a black and black dye, and liked how it looked in the preview window enough to buy it and put it in. In the preview window, all 3 pieces dye a nice shade of matching black and look like they go together.


In the actual game though, it was not like that. The main chestpiece dyed a grey colour. (The original shade of the chestpiece is grey, and it didn't actually change that much with the dye put in.) The pants and boots, when colour matched to match the black/black chestpiece, DID look as they did in the preview window - a nice shade of black. The result was that the Chestguard no longer looks like it's part of the same set as the greaves and boots, despite being colour matched to the same colour, because the chest dyes grey?




The texture of the chestpiece doesn't even look the same as the other pieces like they do in the preview window. :mad: It looks really silly in the game, like my chestpiece doesn't match the rest of what I have on, even though it's the same set!! Please make it colour the way it does in the preview window... if I try on a black and black dye, and it shows up in the preview window as being black, it should definitely actually colour the piece black in the game!


I know the lighting is different in the game than in the preview window, but it's just not at all black in any lighting and it's also not at all uniform with the other pieces of the set.

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