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Crafting suggestion


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I have no idea how feasible this is, so I apologize if I'm suggesting something wildly unworkable.


Would it be possible to add cosmetic gear enhancements that crafters could make? For example, synthweavers could craft a hood and/or cape to add to existing armor. Armstechs could craft a holo-sight and/or targeting laser that you can add to existing ranged weapons. Armormechs could add or remove shoulder pads/backpacks from existing armor. Cybertechs could add animated color panels to existing armor.


It doesn't appear that most crafters will be making must-have, endgame gear anytime soon, so this could be a way for some of them to increase the demand for their services beyond the augments.


Just a thought ...

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To re-phrase or expand that a bit: It sounds like you're basically asking for the addition of a new modification slot to chest pieces (like how they were able to add the dye module slot to a bunch of gear) which could be used for accessories. This would also add a bunch of different styles of hoods, backpacks, shoulder pads, and whatever else to the list of things that certain crafters can make. Equip the accessory you want into the new slot and your chest piece gains the extra design element. Decide that you don't want it on there any more and you can just extract it and set it aside.


Looking over your post again... Ah, I missed the part about having that for weapons too. And that idea... This sounds kind of tricky. Your example doesn't sound applicable to sabers, so the new slot for weapons would either be blasters only or it would have a different type of slot for each (like the current difference in having a hilt or barrel slot). Of course they'd both be a different type of accessory slot from the armor anyway. (We can't have someone trying to add a hood to their blaster.) And then the other problem is just how different from each other the different types of blasters are and how that would affect the size and shape and placement of the detail being added to them. I mean, if we're talking about adding a hood or backpack or shoulder pads to a chest piece each of those is going to have the same placement regardless of any details about the armor itself, but a holo display or a scope or whatever else will come out different on different types of guns.


Anyway, a complication that would come up with this is determining how to deal with items which already have any of these design elements built into them. Do currently existing hooded chest pieces just not get the option to use this accessory slot? Do they get the slot but the coding ignores the change if you try to add a different hood? Or can the slot override the built-in design to show the different hood?

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