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Old, tattered furniture

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I'm sure we'll get plenty of pieces of elegant, fancy furniture to put in our strongholds, but I would also like to see some broader options. Give me a tattered couch, or an old crate to use as an improvised chair. Not everyone may want to start out looking rich. Maybe some characters are meant to be from humble backgrounds, or prefer to live a spartan lifestyle, or maybe people might enjoy the feel of working their way up to extravagance.


I'd also liked to see items that can give a stronghold a "lived in" look. Maybe have some strewn about items representing each of the crafting professions, like a pile of droid scrap pieces, or lightsaber parts that we can leave lying around. How about a kitchen counter with some a pitcher of blue milk on it, or an operating table with a dead rakghoul, (you know, for Lokin to continue his experiments on, or maybe for those adventurous biochemists.)


I'd rather the strongholds looked more like real homes I could imagine my characters living in, rather than just fancy trophy rooms.

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