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PVP Marksmanship: Stacking Accuracy VS Power or Surge


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Hey all. A bit of a question, and maybe I guess polling. I play mostly Marksman sniper and so most of my attacks consist of Weapon damage, and since weapon damage ( I think...) takes most of your stats from ranged, instead of tech. I thought it might be a valid notion to stack Accuracy vs focusing more on straight power/surge which is what I've been using for months and it's worked out pretty well in terms of damage numbers and killing.


However, I run into roadblocks with tank classes, and the tool tip for Accuracy states that over 100% it lowers defenses, and as I recall from a dev post around launch Accuracy was supposed to be one of the big facets of sniper because it could hammer down tank classes .


What is your opinion? Have you been using accuracy to success or has it lost its usefulness?


Keep in mind. I'm not a number cruncher, I don't have a perser and I don't attack a target dummy to simulate results. Just my observations.

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while marksman damage, is all "white" damage, their all affected by your tech accuracy, par rifle shots which is the only 90% accuracy ability you have.


As for marksman in pvp.

You only want 95% accuracy, since the only classes that have higher defense than base 5% are either tanks, or sorcs. Since good sorcs are very rare these days, you can more or less ignore em and just go with 95%. If you however, decide to stack, then that would reduce the amount you can spend on alacrity or surge enhancements. Which is not a good thing.



Also, you are perfectly fine with 91% accuracy as well, as you will miss less than 1% of your hits in pvp.

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