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Here is what I sent to BW when I hit my unsubscribe button today.


The reason I played beta, early launch, pre ordered, and played for about a month was because this new game looked interesting and I was looking for something to supplement WoW. It came to my attention during my month of live play that not only did SWToR not feature arenas, but that at the time arenas were a feature that the developers did NOT want to include. I then left because arenas are my favorite thing to do in MMOs. I tried the game again in the patch where arenas were introduced, and personally found the class balance (especially operatives being the only viable healers) to be incredibly frustrating . Perhaps even more frustrating than the class imbalance was bolster. I will never understand why pvp specific gear, in pvp specific scenarios, needed to be made more powerful. My personal solution would be to make ALL non current pvp gear present as rating "1000". Make low tier current gear completely unchanged, at say 1250, and high tiered gear obviously unchanged at 1500. In no way would anybody be punished for coming into random instanced pvp under geared, thereby promoting continued participation in the form of alts and continuing to promote participation from players that are new to MMOs or new to PvP. Dropping gear to a base score instead of inflating to a high score would also eliminate things like pre-max level questing items being best in slot. Furthermore, I did not do enough community research before I came back to this game, and so did not realize that the realm I selected (bastion) while being a pvp realm, was not what I was looking for. All the talent, heck even all the people that even bothered queueing, was concentrated in POT5 and your developers (as of about 2 months ago, the last time I visited this website or logged in) were saying that they couldn't/wouldn't implement cross realm technology. Sounds familiar. On a positive note I really do enjoy the SWTOR story, and the graphics are truly refreshing after playing cartoony games like WoW.


TL;DR I'm tired of paying $30 a month for WoW and ToR, and wow wins because its less ****ed up than tor is.

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