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Jeddit (official Pup-side Reddit Guild) looking for NiM ready Ops members!!


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Link for the curious


The Republic side of the /r/swtor guild's are looking for some roles, and if crude humor / reposts are your kind of thing, then we are the perfect place for you!


Do you like: SWTOR, OPS, *****, and generally fun people, then stop on by http://www.reddit.com/r/jeddit and join us in all of the above. We are in dire need of a temporary tank spot (two weeks; which may turn into a permanent spot), and have an open Ranged DPS spot for grabs too. WE CAN HELP GEAR YOU IF YOU'RE NOT A COMPLETE TOOL!!! ;)


Even if you're not in the market for ops, Jeddit is still a close knit reddit family for all frequenters to the Hivemind. Check us out if your "one of us" and join in on the daily festivities.

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