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Important Question: What is ServerDroid's avatar doing?

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As seen here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=7431602#post7431602


... ServerDroid has a mysterious avatar with some sort of electronic muscle twitch.


I am curious if any of the illustrious intellectuals that frequent this community can offer me better insight into what the all-powerful ServerDroid is repeatedly doing in his (?) portrait.


Current possibilities:

  • Waking up a limb that fell asleep while serving servers
  • Crushing a bug
  • Beckoning you to Come Hither for some droid-related comfort while you wait for Maintenance to pass
  • Punching the walls of his avatar to try to escape
  • Something more exotic, possibly involving the other hand we can't completely see


This is clearly the most important topic on the entire forum until we solve it.

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at this point i'm sure there is some variation of "shaft" that can be attributed to this.
Oh dear! :o


I guess long nights ensuring our servers are running without issue can get very lonely for poor ServerDroid. :(


If only we could see the uncropped version, so many questions would be answered... or created.

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