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Twitch to be sold to Youtube for $1billion


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The rumour comes via Variety, which cites “sources familiar with the pact” to claim the deal has been signed and sealed.


What’s particularly interesting about the rumour is that it’s not being talked about in terms of “Google buys Twitch” but “YouTube buys Twitch”. Obviously the two businesses have a lot of synergy, but the fact that the YouTube brand is being bandied about may hint at what Google intends for the service; perhaps Twitch will be rolled into YouTube rather than run as a separate service…?


With Twitch and YouTube under its belt, Google would have the online video market stitched up. The company is apparently already planning its defence for when US regulators ask pointed questions about anticompetitive practices.


Twitch was founded in 2011 by Justin.TV co-founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. It raised $35 million in startup funding. If you’re wondering why Google would fork out so much money for something it can already do via YouTube, get this – Twitch is the biggest streaming service in the world.


YouTube has never made an acquisition of this size. Google bought the video site for $1.65 billion in 2006 – how time flies, et cetera – and apparently intends to pay cash for Twitch.



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Just heard about it today...or was it now yesterday?

well anyway I was watching Twitch and man the viewers were crazy. They said this could be like Youtwitch or Twitchtube etc... They said like many bad things about this deal if it was true.One of them was how the streamers on Twitch might be in trouble with copyright issues for playing music on their streams. I also saw people mention that people on Twitter were using #Riptwitch and that it was trending like crazy. Not only that the Twitch page on Reddit was flowing with tons of comments and i bet there were people who were pissed,shocked,scared by this news.

What is also kinda scary about this is that Twitch made no comment about this yet.

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