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What are your class specific strategies? (ARENA)


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its just me here, learning to play. solo ranked arena


im curious if the strats you use are class specific.

im having major difficulties downing certain classes, especially when the player is actually good.


-2 assassins i cant see to survive the chain stun death

what do you do?


-2 powertechs

how do you handle it?



im starting to think there are alternate strats to use as per class u are facing.



gunslinger is so hard and i just dont wanna give up and re roll...

theres gotta be a way to be the bessst everrr!

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2 sins, if you know their going for you, be ready with your CC breaker + roll straight off the bat. When they notice you are not there and try to run towards you, push em back. After that, their burst is no longer a huge threat for a while. Just keep abusing the rolls after that and pop an adrenal, if you feel their going to reach you and no way to get away.


2 powertechs. If they have hydraulic overrides active, pop an adrenal and wait for them to hit thermal detanators. When the detanator is past halfway in the icon. Roll away to ignore the damage. If you are still taking a lot of damage, use dodge to cleanse the dots


If they do not have overrides active, just deal with em as you would any other melee class. Either push em away or roll away.


Keyboard turners... you can counter by rolling through em. Anyone else, roll away from em. Either to the side or directly away, depending on the situation.


also... dont forget to use your defensive screen on CD + the aoe damage reduction shield.



sniper / slinger is all about the kite to survive in ranked. If you can master that, they waste time trying to kill you and your team can have a field day on em. At higher levels... you can consider sabo for the wallburst.

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as full sabo, you get 5 grenades that drop in the path that you rolled. They deal aoe damage. So if you roll into a wall, you hit for 10-18k in one GCD. Since you can do it twice, it's a major burst if their team is stupid enough to attack you next to a wall or their healer is trying to kite away, and goes near one.


Sabo however... has less survival and takes a LOT more skill to pull off well. You have been warned ;)

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