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Dread Fortress is causing dcs?

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It might be a coincidence be lately the groups I have been in for DF HM and NiM had many times a dc.

Last week Tuesday (the 13th) we had at least 4 or 5 people dc'ing with at times 2 at about exactly the same time. It wasn't an internet connection issue since our teamspeak didn't died.


This Sunday we went into DF NiM and had many dcs again so I recorded how many times we had a dc. Please note this was in the 19:40 CEST till 20:40 CEST timeframe.

Vanguard tank - disconnected 3 times

Sage healer - disconnected 2 times

Sentinel dps - disconnected 2 times

Macewindy - disconnected 1 time


Since we had that many disconnects we had to call the ops and decided to run EC NiM for the stay alive achievement (our tanks had terrible luck with Kephess :p). During that ops NONE had a disconnect.


Is it just me and/or my teams having bad luck or is this an occurring thing for other teams too lately? Its severely impacting the ops since it happens mid fight too.

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I'm just wondering if it could be instance related.

That it's game related is very likely imho. How else can you account for multiple disconnections at exactly the same time (with maybe 1 or 2 seconds in between)?

Other programs were still working and internet on the affected players wasn't affected at all (no teamspeak droppings). If it happened less than 8 times in 1 hour I would agree but in this case I hope its DF / DP related since that means a chance on better performance.

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