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Some suggestions\wishlist


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I am pretty sure at least SOME of these have been mentioned before, but here's my list:


  1. Toggle hood option similar to toggle headgear
  2. More hairstyles and other customization for species that are not humans
  3. White hair for Sith Purebloods
  4. Customizable dark side corruption: have an option to show different level of corruption and leave some part of it off or on. As an example, level V corruption only showing the red eyes or another way - showing all the corruption BUT the eyes.
  5. Alternative to toggle hood: invisible headgear that hides the hood
  6. Another alternative - leave some of the hairstyles that don't clip, on. The thing that sets me off hoods is that the character suddenly goes totally bald under the hood.
  7. I was also thinking of a set based off the Sith Inquisitor Battlemaster sets as a reputation or flashpoint reward like you did with the Consular set and Tython\Korriban FPs.
  8. Oh yes and I really want to know what happened to
    Calphayus after the republic Oricon ending.

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