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Events - What's the point of it?


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Well met and all that,


I've been thinking and complaining about the current application of events within SW:TOR for quite a long time already.

And my humble opinion is - You can't possibly be serious!

What system should this be?


Great, you've given us a bounty hunter week every month. Routinely meanwhile. Every. Month.

The same monotony.

Isn't the actual meaning of events the alternation players need to maintain fun continuously?

Don't get me wrong, I do like the thought of having something steady. But where's the surprise?


The very best example is the so beloved Relics of the Gree event.

Of course, its sparsity makes it so treasured. Anyhow you cannot expect us (least you cannot expect me) to suffer this huge intervals between whose schedule I have not yet determined. So many people would gladly see returning this event more often, not only because of the alternation, but more of the gear you can get.


The Rakghoul Event requires more time - logical, considering (as far as I've understood) the fact that this event always occurs on another planet. So it shall be but looking into the future - to the Nar Shadda Nightlife Event the quantity of a event gets even more scarcer.

What do events mean for you? It's the upkeep of having fun while playing a game for me. There is a lot of another content, I know that pretty well yet events provide the possibilty to do something apart from routine.


You think there's some change to expect? :confused:

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I think that most world events should have stayed as permanent content.

Illum is dead, but with relics of the gree to fill up the west part of the map it's living and interesting content with unique rewards.

Same goes for BBA, entire section of the fleet is dedicated so why do they care so much if it's permanent or not?


limiting content is pretty stupid imho.


All content should stay in the game, it's theme park... let's have it all 24\7.

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I don't mind that things like Rakghoul, BBA, Gree and soon, NSNL will be rotated in and out of the game periodically, but they need to shuffle it so we don't get BBA every month while neglecting the others. It does get stale only running the one over and over again.
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