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Spec Swapping and Group Finder


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We should be able to train up in all 3 skill trees simultaneously, but only be able to actually have one active. You can still have the reset guy, but he can have another option to simply switch you over to another spec so you don't have to shuffle your abilities/hotkeys around whenever you want to switch. I'd like to have everything preset to include hotkeys. Or make it so all hotkey bars have the option to scroll from 1-9 instead of just the main one being able to change. And abilities that your current AC cannot perform will just be grey. So if I switch from DPS to healers I'd just change hotbar 1 from 4 and 5 to 6, etc.


I bring this up because you have a Group Finder in which you can queue with multiple roles. For my Smuggler I play a Scrapper normally, but I end up being a healer for flashpoints and have to switch to Sawbones. It would be nice to have a preset Sawbones spec already there. Maybe even have an option upon accepting a Group Finder team to change right then and there without having to go to the guy on the fleet. If not on the fleet I simply can't be a healer and lack of healers is typically the only thing preventing a group matchup. It is in the interest of everyone to be able to swap.


Also, regarding Group Finder, there should be a way to see who is in the queue with you, what roles they have selected and their place in queue in relation to you. I'm simply not willing to just sit in a queue not having any clue if there is even a chance a group will form anytime soon. I like to do WZs and even GSF. I don't want to just sit around doing nothing blindly hoping that there are other people on the other side. I can spam general for that.


Matter of fact Group Finder, should stay active even in non-ranked WZs or GSF. I'd rather wait 5-7 minutes for a healer to finish a WZ than not have that healer in the queue at all and simply never get to do the FP at all.


Also stop removing rewards for wanting a particular WZ. What happens is people pick all then don't join if it's not the one they want. You can figure out which it is by looking at the level range of the team in the confirmation box.

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