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G2A:a marketplace for all that gaming discounts


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OK a little short story before I explain what g2a is about from what I know.

I was watching towelliee who streams on Twitch.tv and he occasionally talks about this site call g2a. He says its a site where you can buy games for cheaper prices. From what I heard the prices there are so low its gotten people to say "Is this for real?".I mean there were quite alot of people who couldn't believe it,including me when I first heard about it. Towelliee said this g2a site is legit and he says it everytime when someone asks him about it and you know what I believe him.

So I checked out g2a and I was like this :eek:. There were games that were like $10,$20 dollars cheaper than the normal price of those games. I figured those were just the old games that had those kinds discounts but boy was I wrong! Some of the newer games like Diablo3:reaper of souls,dark souls 2 had discounts as well. Besides that you could buy subscription cards for Xbox live or Playstation plus.You can even get time cards for MMO games.

Speaking of which....I found the price for a SWTOR 60 days time card is only $24.67.


Anyway I've been yaking too much already so here's the link:


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