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Simple Premade vs Pug solution for Ranked


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We all hear it in fleet. Geared out "Brutalizer" players telling other people not to queue Ranked Solo. Then we see the result. The queue never pops in Ranked solo because people don't want to be griefed.


How about this. Rank it based on who you play with. My rank ends up adjusted by the quality of my team. So if I get Pugs who suck and die instantly that is fine. As long as I manage to do as well as possible on my own. It should be fairly easy to keep balanced stats based on this and it should be easy enough to skew the stats a bit so that a good player gains the most rank from queue popping with weak players. Make that happen and the geared out elites will be begging the weak pugs to join them. They might even queue with them and teach them how to PvP properly.


It even makes sense. Killing someone in a 4v4 game with 3 pugs in PvE gear who don't focus is a lot harder than a killing blow with 3 pugs in Brutalizer gear who know what they are doing.


have fun


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