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Room for Improvement?

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Been playing Mara since right before 2.0 dropped (A week or 2. Mained a Deception Sin before that) and over time, I'd like to think I picked up the specs fairly well; Carnage being my favorite byfar and hating Dotsmash with a passion (Glad to see it being nerfed in 2.8 :D ). I'm averaging around 3650 to 3700 on the dummy with debuffs/1mil hp. (See link for my most recent parse. Best without debuffs was around 3568) I've looked around and see some Carnage/Combat parses breaking 3800 and almost into 3900. With what I know, I'd say that's due to lucky crits, but I figured I'd check here and see what everyone's opinion was. Is there any room in my parse where I could improve? Or do I just need the stars to align to get the crits I need for a 3800ish parse? One thing that's always been a mystery to me is a good time to throw on Rupture. I know it should be after you get Execute, but should I stack it before I start up my Gore windows, or does it not really matter?



Parse - http://www.torparse.com/a/673506/time/1400143481/1400143752/0/Overview

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