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Jugg LF Complete Operation: The Dread Fortress


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I recently resub'd in the hopes of completing this questline. I am looking for a guild or group of people who regularly run this operation and can essentially help get me through it. I'm not a total carry though, as I have some gear I think is acceptable for entering this operation.


I have a mix of 154 to 162 gear, my current stats are as follows:









I know these are probably low compared to members who are farming this operation, I'm not interested in any of the gear drops and I'm willing to donate a sum towards your team's repair costs if needed. All I want is to complete this operation. Also willing to respec from my Immortal build to a DPS build if needed.


Feel free to message me in game on Slaggash.

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Hey there MoistMuffin,


First of all, welcome back to the game! If your goal is to simply complete the operation for the sake of the questline, then I will assume you are looking for a story mode run of the operations. Story mode ops require minimal gear and you can basically throw together a random group and get them done if they all aren't asleep and have working keyboards and mice.


I would recommend jumping right into a pickup group, as random groups are forming all the time (oftentimes on Tuesday after reset). I also suggest that your first run through is as a DPS. as it is much more forgiving and groups will not expect you to know all the fights going in. Your gear, however, seems sufficient enough to clear those operations on story mode without incident. So the decision on how you do it is really up to you.


Naturally, a guild would make this whole process easier, but I advise against running with a group that either makes you pay or withholds gear. The content is so rudimentary that there's no reason why new players should not share in the fruits of their labor.

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Thanks for the welcome Stippling :)


I have been trying to join some pick up groups as well as start them, unfortunately we get maybe 4-6 members after about 30 minutes of spamming General chat and then people start leaving or doing something else. Since Credits and Gear are something I can work my way towards as a F2P person I figure the best option at this time as a subscriber is to just see if any guilds who have this on farm status would want to rush me through it and I'd be happy to compensate them with giving up the drops and/or donating credits to their cause.

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