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LF HM Ops Progression Group that runs 9ish server time (prefer Pub)


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I've primarily PVP'd but have been getting into PVE more. Would love to join a chill HM Ops group/guild that runs around 9 or 10pm (PT aka server time) during week days.


My main is my mDPS vanguard (also have a mDPS powertech that shares legacy gear). Geared for DPS with a mix of 168 and 180 gear. I do have some tank gear that's a mix of 162 and 168, but would prefer to DPS to get better familiar with ops (have only done SM on SnV, TFB, and TC, and HM on TC) and be less of a liability.


As far as knowing my class and rotation, I was able to button mash quick enough to get the PVP rancor mount. So I'm not a complete moron when it comes to this game. Just a partial moron.


Must love dogs.

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