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From Ray and Greg: thank you for playing!


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Anyone else think all these whiners should just quit already?


Having read the forums the last few days I can wholeheartedly say that I am FED UP of all these doom and gloom merchants.


1.SWTOR isn't an MMO? wth. Well lets see The game is MASSIVE - even C&VG said they couldn't do a fair review off the bat as the content was so large they wanted to do it justice. Its MULTIPLAYER as I see TONS of people online and general chat is really lively. And yes i have to go ONLINE to play it. Seems like an MMO to me.


2.All the moaning minnies at level 40/50 complaining that the end game worlds are empty. WTH do you expect the game is 6 days old fer crissake. Personally I would be worried if all 1.5 million users were level 40 plus by now.


3.I'm assuming they must be jacked on Red Bull/Purdeys and sleep deprived after 6 solid days of 24/7 gaming to even BE that high a level.


4. I have NEVER played such an immersive game what with all the spoken dialogue. The quests are interesting, the Medical droid revive is GENIUS - even 90 seconds wait is better than a long BORING pointless ghost walk of shame back to a revive point. I have not felt like I am grinding for even one nanosecond which trust me is a first.


5.I have pretty much played every MMO in existence and this is the best BY FAR. In fact I would classify it a MMORPG in all honesty as I really feel as If I am a Jedi and that my choices really MATTER with the whole companion loyalty index.


6. Finally - If you dont like it then stop playing it. Why post on here how much you hate the game? Nobody cares. I certainly don`t. Go and play some other game. I can only assume the MMO you played before this was perfection personified. I'd love to know the name of the game you all played prior to this as it must have been so frickin awesome SWTOR can't possibly touch it.




Oh and final thought to the haters - I love this game so much I am going to upgrade my GPU as my current one struggles a bit. Now just go away please and leave us alone :)


Could not have said it better! I agree 100% with this.

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To the Good Doctors:

I'd like to both congratulate and thank you for creating such a great game. This by far surpassed all of my expectations. This is the Star Wars game that I've been waiting for, for years. I was even e-mailed an early access beta key and didn't download it because I wanted to be totally surprised, and experience the whole retail release at the same time as my friends and sirs, I am pleased. This game falls right in with your flawless legacy of quality games (I own pretty much all of them, across several platforms), and once again I applaud your dedication to perfection.


Warm Regards,


A Grateful Bioware Fan.

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Yesterday was quite a day here in Austin. We likely had the largest one-day subscription account registration process in MMO history – over one million people are now registered players of the game, and the number is growing rapidly.


As you might imagine, this presented a huge strain on our infrastructure and systems, but the good news is that we seem to be through the worst of it now thanks to folks working hard all day to serve our community. And as Greg mentioned in his earlier note, we've also been working hard on resolving queues – those being another side effect of the huge demand for Star Wars: The Old Republic over the past week. We were definitely anticipating a very high load but if anything the demand for the game has only exceeded our expectations!


We're very appreciative of your support and we look forward to surprising and delighting you throughout the journey ahead. To that end, we plan on letting you know soon about some cool upcoming content planned over the next few months.


On behalf of the SWTOR team, Greg and I want to thank you very much for your support, and also your patience yesterday as the team worked hard to process through the huge volume of players trying to register.


Thank you,


Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk



Yeah, I don't plan on playing that long dude. You made a Star Wars MMO without drawing from the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games? You made a linear game, then called it an MMO You made a game where I can't use my control key for whatever I want (Vent... really?). We have a game where you make choices during dialog that really have no impact in the game at all and doesn't change the story or take you down different quest paths based on your choices. Even light and dark choices come down to just one choice. The choice to make light choices all game or dark choices all game. One choice.


Your game looks pretty, has some cool stuff but since it's not *really* an MMO as it has no replay value.


You earned $60 for the game, that's it. There's nothing in it worth a subscription, I expect to have it beat by the end of the month.

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I can not believe that u know that all of the people form SWG came over to SWTOR and u acctually put better graphics but you are missing tons of things which made SWG the funnest game to play, like free roaming in space and PVP in deep space or anywhere u just had to declare, then u took out player housing, which was a huge pat of Galaxies, Player housing was huge, people even use to build theyr own cities, guild halls, etc, turn theyr cities into fortresses, etc, as trust us millions of people love to take the time, to decorate they houses or just hang out there while crafting, etc, now is all MASS EFFECT, they a diferent ship, but same thing as Mass Effect, then space is limited, only for quests, then make your house the ship.? just like in M.E. Come on! where is my house in tattoine, or Naboo or dantooine, or Corellia, etc, u dont have entire populations living in theyr spaceship. people loved the freedom of the players in SWG, ok u have better graphics, thats all, everyone thought u would bring more to the table than galaxies, and everyone knows u can do it, but u didn't basicly u have given everyone Mass effect online!

what a shame that galaxies closed, the pc I have is so powerful that makes every game look good, so thank you for bring us Mass Effect online, and changed everything fun that galaxies had! from limiting us all that came from there, u took out professions, like that architect profession, and more, and u took out player housing to give eveyone an ugly ship to live in space, like if this is mass effect! guess what s not! but apparently ou are forcing the mass effect style of game play this is not an rpg anymore is more like one big fat adventure living on an ugly spaceship! thanks for destroying galaxies and taking out everything that was great about it!

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This game is in it's early stages still and I'm eagerly anticipating all the awesome things coming our way, so this just makes me more excited to keep playing this game. Can't thank the developers enough for this gem. Keep up the great work guys and I'm sure that 1 million will become a drop in a bucket of water.


Now back to playing!

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All i can say is i wish there was a place to return this great game.


Considering there is not i will use up the credit.


Then bail to anything but this even free mmos have less problems an are designed better.


I honestly can not see this game lasting very long an i do not say this to be rude i say it because there is so many bugs an a lack of thought when designing this game.


From the simplest an a non brainier of placing an afk buff with a timer but no timer on the gate which blocks you from entering pvp.


Oh did i forget to mention the afk buff starts counting before the pvp load window is even finished loading.


An for people saying the game is only xx time old is a sad excuse to be honest because if they had any doubt of the game not working as intended they would have held off on releasing it an making profit from a monthly service fees.



When you buy something or buy a service do you expect it to work or for it to be broken?

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I just love how they closed SWG before the release of this game, and an entire populaion came here from SWG cause this was supposed to be it, and it happens to be that this game is not even half in depth of what SWG was, u took out, so many professions, global vendors, no merchant, no architec, no doctor, no chef, no entertainer, that I know, entertainers use to buff everyone, doctors too even better, architect developed and solled guild halls for guilds, houses, entire cities, u could slice DNA and create your own monsters, there is no hunter in SWG u could tame wild beasts, your own stores at home seling 24/7 while u were sleeping which acctually helped get rid of the people selling money! there is now a restriction to ride a bike u have to be lvl 25 like in wow, SWG was never like that, it had more and people had way more fun, there is not even free roaming in space, no deep space pvp, wow there is so much missing! that of course, a bunch of people are complaining about why did u close SWG to bring us all here, and then offer more than SWG and acctually give a lot less! I dont care about living in space, with 8 followers just like in mass effect! it even makes u people more money to put player housing because people spend more time in game! putting stores decorating, crafting at home, etc.. etc.. and etc... there is so much you are missing that no wonder the SWG population that got forced into quiting to play here, is upset because u have made this game into a Mass Effect online! great graphics and great interactive videos with every npc, thats a given, but that is not all this game requires, you destroyed SW by making it into a MASS EFFECT ONLINE! this is not an MMORPG this is an adventure game! missing about 50% from the real star wars! or more!, the planets arte very small too, SWG for the time it was released one planet was equivalent to the entire world of World of warcraft! and now a planet is just a sandbox full of quests, and little! how are people going to sell the items they craft, I have not found an auction house, a golbal vendor! in fact, I can not even seat in any chairs or benches I see in the spaceport! unlike SWG u could seat on any chair! thats just been cheap! and forgeting and not caring about the inmense population that came here from SWG, your ego is bigger! than what you produce! in fact u even got lazy and named planets after mass effect, there is a planet in M.E. called Illium, and here u put Illum, also Endprime, here is endo prime, there is justicars just like in M.E. and also in the story of coruscant someone from your team betrays you form the begining just like in M.E. and then u have to go after the guy only to find out there is someone stronger than him controlling him, which is about the same story line happening here, wow, u got Lazy on top of everything! how u devastaded SWG! u brought us here real fans of SW. and gave us Mass Effect online, an adventure game! online. is what it is. and as I see George Lucas solled out by allowing you to do this and **** SWG.
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I found this game to be a complete disappointment, I understand that it's a new game, however if your going to release a game that competes against some of the more established mmorpgs out there such as wow or eq2 you might consider a few things first.

some issues with swtor are:

1. grinding for levels is boring ( much like a rat killing simulator)

2. players are confined planet to planet and cannot venture outward ( like zelda for old nintendo)

3. NPC's seem like they give instructions from a script, i felt like I was listening to a how to manual downloaded from the net

4. the rewards in the game, far underway the time and effort you waste accomplishing your goals.

5. the econmy in game is already on a steady rise, this could be regulated if you cap players from selling outragious prices on the market

6. playing the sith made me want to kill the empire and other sith more then the republic, the npc's are so rude and boring, they talk to you as if you are the enemy.

7. crafting in this game is a joke, made me not even want to waste my time on it.

8. other players being the geeks they are try to run the game from within, it's hillarious !

9. all beginning areas on both sides are drawn out and non entertaining, though character creation is a plus and graphics are stunning, the game lacks serious motivation to continue on to level 50, the developers need to fix glitches and minor lock ups in the game, ( and before you peons begin harping on me, my computer is a $4k gaming computer very capable of running an Air force flight simulator used by pilots around the country).

10. perhaps after a few patches and expansions this game could see better days, however on a rating of 1 - 10 9 being skyrim or world of warcraft I rate this game as a potential 6+ but still needs plenty of fixes before it sees 7 or 8.

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Also I totally agree with Ethok I played Mass Effect 1 and 2 loved them both however Bioware is a console game developer and should stick with what their good at ps3 xbox and wii. I felt like my character was an advanced Sheppard type with cool lightsabers and blasters, you have killed Star Wars and replaced it with a console game that has not even 5% of star wars reputation.


perhaps in the future Blizzard or Sony will recruit Bioware to turn EQ2 or WOW into a Dragon Age MMORPG! LOL !


I intend to write all this and send it to Lucas Arts perhaps they will see the mistake and politely fire you from any further employment positions.

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Need to fix this Ray and Greg,


SWTOR could kill WOW if it was more compatible with other systems. WOW has so much support due to it's ability to run on older computers and on laptops. Most people I know WANT to play SWTOR but are too short on cash to get a new computer. I run EVE Online and WOW on this laptop perfectly. In SWTOR had to crank the settings way back to get the character to move a little bit better.

Lag continues to be a huge problem as the population grows in SWTOR. People are still getting stuck and bugs are still being found. The whole Mass Effect feeling is AWESOME in an mmo. Time is going to be needed to fix everything. That is understood. But SWTOR received a lot of praise prior to release, months before beta testing. Then beta testing was preformed just before release. Not such a great idea. I am happy for the people who can play this without problems but Bioware and Lucus Arts can do a whole lot better. If you want to siphon off of WOW things need to change.


RAIN Arthie

Gallente Federation pilot.

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Then beta testing was preformed just before release. Not such a great idea.

Beta testing has been going on for years, not 'just before release'. Yes, there were a couple public beta tests in November, but they've been beta testing this thing for ages.


As far as 'running on older pcs', hey, this is a new game, not an old game. Don't expect new games to run on PC's that are old. They do well enough though, running on my 4+ year old PC like a charm. The fact of the matter is that most people claiming "this won't run on my PC" are relying on POS pc's bought in the store years ago that are DESIGNED to break down and need replacing every couple years


The game runs beautifully, you just have to actually know what you're doing.

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I'm so tired of hearing all the freaking whiners on the forums. Please Devs, don't get discouraged by all these naysayers. My guess is many of them are WOW fans that don't want to see this game be successful. Take your time and fixes things right.


This is not WOW and I'm so glad it's not. I do worry about the long term longevity of the game. It's a in depth story line and BW ability to fund costly future expansion development will depend on the numbers, but I also understand the game just came out. People are comparing Star Wars to a game that has had continued development and funding for years.


Dang you people make me sick! This won't be the first game people like YOU, who killed a wonderful game before it even has a chance to get started. You should listen to the folks on the Red Orchestra 2 forums. Their hardcore niche group killed the game with their negativity spam spread all over their website. Please people give them time, don't start the doom and gloom negativity,, over critical attitudes and ruin the games reputation before they can even get the momentum going. The more you spread good news about the game the larger the community will get. More community means better longevity.


I've not had a single hiccup and the graphics are great. Please update your 10 year old Pentium Ds and have some fun. BW I hate to say it, but please close down all the negative threads immediately. Have one thread that addresses problems and delete the rest. I've seen what negativity can do to a game before it even gets started. It's like a virus and does more harm than good. Someone new comes to the forums see what "Appears" to be a horrible game and so many problems when in fact it's not true. Perhaps there are some needed fixes, but from what I've read none of the are game breakers. I hope this game continues to have success, great future stories and content.

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Sorry to be off topic a bit but need feedback and am also hoping that BW people can see this and give me some feedback also - please let me know what you think :D


Suggestions for new features and improvements from a fan/player


After playing in beta and pre-launch and up to now I want to air some things that I feel need to be addressed urgently to help this great game mature and grow and be even more fun:-


1. MisssionsMissionsmissions - not enough of them right now which means levelling is not as quick as it could and should be. Content at levels 7-10 is barely enough to keep progression smooth and rapid and it stutters.

why do I have to be 2 or 3 levels higher to solo the class bosses generally?? that makes no sense. if this is a solo class quest then ot should be close but very do-able at the level it is set at. and since it is a class quest then it should be do-able solo. To go back and try 7 or 8 times is frustrating to say the least and makes things VERY grindy (no fun in any game - should be a pleasure not a chore)

A common fault in many games that would be WOW-killers is to think the play will keep people rather than the content. this is wrong. density of content (LOADS more missions and things to do to go up) is what keeps things going.

Content when you get to level 24+ is VERY VERY thin in terms of quantity and this needs to be addressed URGENTLY please

Hint - LOTRO is aiming for 200+ quests per area (partially completed already) that are level specific - most of which are not class restricted and 75% of which are solo-able - hint - this REALLY works superbly!!!!!


2. Ship - Why can't I have a quick travel point in my ship? going to and fro is a REAL pain. Can we do this please? ;)


3. Credits - progression too slow and rewards from missions too small - they do not scale as they should - recommend 30-50% increase but definitely an increase.


4. 40k for speeder ride skill and another 8k for the speeder is obscene - the costs should be halved to make around 24k total...have to do unbelievable and excessive amounts of grinding of all kinds to get that cash - understand game economics and the idea of balance but most people HATE grinding.

If it comes to a choice between grinding and economics then minimize the grinding - because grinding makes people switch to other games in the long term and we do not want that :D


5. Crafting - this needs HUGE amounts of work. progression is WAY too slow and getting new recipes to go up is poor... why can't recipes be part of mob drops like in other games? use them or sell them for cash and expand the economy and everyone benefits.

Also people should be able to select their craft skills with a small tutorial at the beginning during char generation.... many people leave it too late like I did first time and waste lots of creds getting it up to the level they need it at to gather on the world they are playing on - no fun...


6. Ship battles - Timers are too short!!!! 25% more please then we have a chance of doing these successfully within 2 or 3 levels of the task.


7. Solo Content - not everyone wants to group - a significant portion of people play MMOs to live within their own story line - or because of RL commitments that mean they have to log at short notice (letting down group members - bad!). MORE SOLO CONTENT (MISSIONS!) fixes this.


8. Store - Can we have one in the future? where we can spend real money for points and then spend the points in the store for speeders, skills, items, recipes and loads more???

It boosts revenue for Bioware and gives more options to players. I would certainly give money for this and I think many more people more would if the items and options were good value and useful


hope this gives some ideas to the devs to improve and grow the game, to keep people playing and to add new people/subscribers!!!!


We love what has been done and all want to see more!!

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I just read this and 100% agree with you!!! Hello game is only a few days old what hell do you expect, what game ever came out with no bugs?!


none has so far and none will in the future

but 7 day wait time from Customer Support is realy long I do not know how it was in Mass Effect or in Dragon Age Customer Support but in the Old Republic a faster response should be in bioware intrest because some subscribers all ready pay and it is not a good sign if the Support is not at the quality People Expect from Bioware

I agree on 1 thing a quick travel beacon for your ship is a must well in 2 days we have another maintenance hopefully some aspects have been dealt with then

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by the way - what I posted earlier - they are not complaints per se - they are suggestions etc.


devs need feedback in terms of wants/would likes etc. or else how can they be sure to use their own judgement and expertise combined with our feedback in order to do the best for the game?


just trying to throw ideas in the mix is all - we need to help make this game ours as best we can ;)

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on the Mac...how do I play this on the Mac? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Crossover and Bootleg (without Windows 7) do not work:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:I have waited for this game for 2 years and am now wasting my subscription money because this game will not work. I know you know the answer as you engineering geniuses. Please share the answer.
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