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From Ray and Greg: thank you for playing!


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I gave this game so much blind praise before it came out. It's still a VERY great game but with the major bugs you have going, this game isn't going to go very far. I REALLY want this to work. I know it's the first week of launch but these bugs are pretty game breaking. As far as I know, I read the title as "Thank you for paying". Please fix these bugs or you will see more of those people leave! On the other hand, thank you for making such a great Star Wars universe. So far the story has been very great. Edited by Frostythefett
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The hype was just that hype, graphics are clunky, controls are ill conceived (lacking controller drivers) and I have already uninstalled the game, will be stopping payment because they did not satisfy my 75$ FFXI and WoW have much better graphics, better user interfaces and simply better gameplay all around... waste of my time ... I will not waste my money on this horrid reflection of a great sci-fi legend ... saddens me greatly ...
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I have been a WoW addict for 6 years , to quite two months ago (tired of it i assume)

i played Rift for a while but in the end not really my thing.


but than revelation!!! some of my guildies said SWTOR beta was awesome, i have looked at it with a sceptical eye, but in the end i pre-ordered and i really made the right choice


i really enjoy gaming again: the aspect i love the most is the professions


finally i can play a game without having the feeling to come home after 7 hours of work to work for another 7 hours!!


also the way you guys handled the queue issue is going at an amazing speed!

just 1 week after official release allready


Keep up the good work on this amazing game!!

Swtor is simply amazing

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Dear Ray and Greg,


Not for nothing, but if you'd like to continue setting records, I might suggest making a few changes to your customer service procedures.


A generic message and a closed ticket might be suitable for some bug reports, but certainly not all of them (especially if questions have been asked in the ticket) and definitely not for any other support tickets.


Every single bug report or request for assistance I've put in (and I've put in quite a few) has gotten a generic message as a reply and a closed ticket -- even when I quoted the generic message and asked for a specific response, and then asked specific questions, to which I received the already quoted response and no answers. All this policy does is increase the amount of tickets generated, because, simply put, no one is receiving any answers and no solutions are being offered.


It doesn't matter how good your game is, and I happen to really enjoy SWTOR atm, if you provide shoddy customer service, your game will suffer.


Here's a specific instance: I used a Norwegian word as my legacy name. It is now spelled wrong. I put in a ticket asking for it to be corrected and was told that there is no way to correct the name (uh, SQL anyone?) and then later told to watch for the paid name change service. Really? A bug in your system requires me to pay you to fix it? Didn't I already do that by buying your game and subscribing?


If your customer service can be brought to the same level of quality that we players expect from Bioware game design and implementations, you will have a solid winner on your hands. If not, please speak with the guys from Mythic...

Edited by Kjetl
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To all the people complaining about this game suspected flaws and tech glitches. Below are a few fixes you may want to try before blaming the game developers for your tech issues. Believe me when I say the problems listed below I fix every single day in my workshop as I am an IT tech.


1 . If your PC suffers from Black screen. Download the latest drivers for your GPU ( Graphic Card ) and O.S ( your windows version ) ( Do not install them yet) . Uninstall your Graphic Drivers ( either ATI or NVIDIA), reboot in safe mode with Networking ( Press F8 or F6 depending on PC when re starting ), download driver sweeper ( Google it it is a free tool), clean any remnant of old drivers ( Display only ) and reboot in normal mode without the internet plugged in. Once in Windows install your drivers. This should fix your problems. Re plug your internet. Enjoy.


2. SWTOR is very CPU intensive so the more cores on your processor the better,

3. 8GB of Ram min on Win 7 64bit or Vista 64bit or 4GB in XP or 32bit Win 7 or Vista

4. Install your Game on a fast Hard drive (7200rpm HDD minimum or Solid State Drive if you have one as it is a lot better). Although the game will work installed on a USB/external HDD it will bottleneck. Be warned this game is not WOW in terms of graphic engine and you will need a good graphic card with 1Gb of memory and 256bit Bus to run it properly. Anything below these specs and you won't have the best experience with the game.


Server lag. If you are in the U.S or E.U with a fast ADSL connection or Better you should be ok. Peak time will obviously ruined most MMOs. If you are in Australia or the rest of the world well you will have to contend with 200/300ms Lag unfortunately until servers get deployed in your region.

If you experience major lag issue, ensure you have all PCs on your network not downloading when you are playing.. or any P2P programs running in the background. These are BAD for online games as they will hog your resources and bandwidth.There are some bandwidth tweaks you can do but best try the above first to make sure it isn't the cause of lag.


Finally as every new game coming out, there will always be some problems/ issues. Patching will improve things.


Hope this helps a few people out there


And thank you for the guys ( and girls ) at Bioware who have worked on this game for the past few years. This is a fantastic effort. Well done.

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While you are experiencing strain on infrastructure and systems, your users are experiencing severe eye strain. Unless you post some fix allowing increased font size throughout the game, the number of players is going to taper off due to frustration with the UI. You need to take seriously the posts in the Community Forums about FONT SIZE.

Otherwise, the game is a real achievement.

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1. Next time you take down server, dont take EU servers down on US timeslots.

Its holiday and prime time over here.

2. I couldnt care less about info in CST. I expect that BW can give it in ECT or GMT. I'm paying, you calculate the time

3. I can accept a lot, but not "just wait a little longer". Give info next time


Or you have one less long term customer


PS 4. I cant make a title for a new thread so you get this

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Thank you for this incredible game. I pre-ordered as soon as it was available because it is commonly known around here that Bioware doesn't make bad games. Keep up the good work and the high standards. I have enjoyed everything I have ever played that had "Bioware" on it, and this game just continues that long running tradition.
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Thank you for totally wasting my time by destroying Slicing! You listened to the forum complainers and now 1/2 the missions for slicing are generating negative money with the slight chance to loot a cybertech schematic or a worthless mission.


Slicing needs a total redo at this point. Make it like SWG where we can slice weapons to improve certain stats.

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Thank you for thanking us and for communicating clearly and professionally.


Certain other giant MMO companies do not have such manners and standards.


It is refreshing to be treated as a valued customer and as a valued participant in a creative community.

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Thanks for the uplifting message. I wish I could play, but I keep getting disconnected from your servers every 5-10 minutes with error code 9000 and have to spend 30 minutes in queue again to play till I get booted again. There is a 100+ page thread on the forums for this, but no response from Customer service since the 21st of December. Can you guys please let us know what is happening? Your silence is NOT golden.
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there is no reason to complain to be honest!

the game is awesome and frankly spoken i rather have an extended Maintenance on which they investigate and fix flaws than half worked out maintenance which in the end of the run irritates more.


Extended maintenance (which means fixing without breaking other stuff) = people whine

Normal maintenance = people whine that there is not much attention given to bugs in the game


so you see you can allways complain about stuff.

Give me option one which in the long run pays of more than gaming month after month on a game that keeps bugging.


its a hard nut to crack in start but it pays off in the end, patience is a virtue



keep up with the good work, and as a player i will report as well to adress issues


cheers guys

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Yesterday was quite a day here in Austin. We likely had the largest one-day subscription account registration process in MMO history – over one million people are now registered players of the game, and the number is growing rapidly.


As you might imagine, this presented a huge strain on our infrastructure and systems, but the good news is that we seem to be through the worst of it now thanks to folks working hard all day to serve our community. And as Greg mentioned in his earlier note, we've also been working hard on resolving queues – those being another side effect of the huge demand for Star Wars: The Old Republic over the past week. We were definitely anticipating a very high load but if anything the demand for the game has only exceeded our expectations!


We're very appreciative of your support and we look forward to surprising and delighting you throughout the journey ahead. To that end, we plan on letting you know soon about some cool upcoming content planned over the next few months.


On behalf of the SWTOR team, Greg and I want to thank you very much for your support, and also your patience yesterday as the team worked hard to process through the huge volume of players trying to register.


Thank you,


Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk


Yeah thanks for your useless customer service, and corrupt launcher files so a lot of people can't even install this yet. lol, what a joke. Btw, your email support never emailed me back, great game you got goin here.

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its great to have that many people playing but unless you solve the connecting issues you'll just end up losing them. Think Netflix, lost nearly a million customers because they didn't think of the customer.


For example, the server I'm on says "standard" as the status, yet I've been trying for 4 hours now to get on.


I'm sure I'm not alone. How many people do you think you will keep if they experience hours of waiting to play?


Its a good game and fun to play, but its not wait-for-hours-to-play fun.

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How do you even dare to say "thanks for playing"?


i cant play not even a second im stuck at loading screen for allready 3 days and im not the only one, i tried everything what i found on the forums from people with the same problem.


costumer supprt doesnt get back to me so thanks for nothing the only possitive thing out of all this that after seeing you both thanking people that i know the faces of the ones who robbed me.

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