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Watch Galactic Starfighter Spotlight: The Scout & Strike Fighter

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Lol, that trailer is so fail.


"Fast and evasive"

"Powerful and agile"

"Advanced speed"

"Devastating firepower"

"Total supremacy"


Those slogans apply to every other ship in GSF but definately NOT to those ships advertised in the trailer...

They're the exact opposite. :rolleyes:

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Is there any chance that we can see some new Imperial Strike Fighter designs. The current design has strange wings that don't do much and a very ugly look in general. Can we see a design based on the Imperial Fury which is a far nicer looking ship. From the look of the trailer the Imperial ship seems another poor design based on the same template.
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Oh, God, no. XP

Don't we have ENOUGH ridiculously overpowered ships? What, with the Bomber and all?!?!?


Hahaha, you are in for a very pleasant awakening when you actually get to fight against one.


One Ion Rail Gun hit and it's dead in the water.


It also has no booster endurance so even a Gunship can chase it down and kill it with primary weapons if they felt so inclined.

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