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A confession.


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Well. i was reading the main sticky forum post.


'STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Early Access 'Waves' - Updating Here'


And i read the post below that some1 had reposted. You will know it I'm sure.

I agreed with this sentiment, and as the thread is moving so fast, I reposted it, adding.




After that I reposted it once.


A lot of people have done this now. I think they get the message.


I didn't mean to spam the most entertaing thread I have ever read.

Just wanted a good post to be highlighted. I didnt think it would end up with every page of the thread having 2 versions of it.


I'm worried Im NEVER gona get in now....


I'm happy to play whenever.




this isn't a troll, and isn't exactly qq although there is some of that involved.


I just want to put it down for the record that the way this early access program has been implemented is truly one of the most poorly conceived ideas that i've ever personally encountered in over 25 years of playing video games. I've personally participated in launches of 6 other mmo games, and there is nothing in those experiences that compares to how ridiculous this process is.


When you are dealing with a pre-launch even that is only for pre-order customers, after an extensive and massive beta testing period that was a huge success according to nearly all sources involved - it begs the huge question as to what is the limiting factor in the way you have chosen to roll out this game. I personally participated in the beta in a very limited way (not by choice, mind you, i just wasn't lucky enough to get a key) and was only online during the big thanksgiving weekend test. That test was wonderful - there were a huge number of servers, and a huge population of testers. The game performance was amazing.


So, ea/bw - what exactly are you afraid of?


The only way this should have been done is to have given all pre-orders (perhaps separated only by level of game purchased - i.e. Ce customers get 7 days, se get 5, e.g.) access at exactly the same time. Of course it will overload the servers and queues would ensue and all that - but that's what we all expect. Making your customers wait unknowingly with no idea how long it will be or when to expect an email is just adding insult to injury. A poor alternative would have been to send out emails with a set time and day that your access would be available.


I read in the top post how you are monitoring the server performance and are rolling waves based on server performance. Are you seriously saying you have to wonder at this point if your servers can perform up to the task - when you probably still have 90% of the launch day players yet to even be able to play? That is not at all a good message to be sending at the beginning of an mmo franchise.


At any rate, i love this game. I love bw. But i truly despise and am sickened by the way you chose to put your customers through so much stress for absolutely no good or justifiable reason.


I truly hope you improve, because this is a very very poor way to start out.

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