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T.H.A.T - Tanks and Heals Against Tactical


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Actually reasons tanks not queue are 2

- Player (mostly DDs) stupidity, ignorance and jerkiness - increasing their number by 100% you mean 100% bigger chance for another brain dead/ignorant/jerk player, if they do that (have in mind that FPs have to be remade too) no sane tank will queue anymore.

- Double/triple (if you go for DPS off set) commendations grind forced by BW over tanks.


Only way GF in this game to work again is total rework of leveling so no brain dead player could level to 55, creating account wide ignore system, so jerks will be out of game and make separate drops in FPs for tanks or rework tanking gear so it would not have totally useless stats on it and tanking itself so it generate agro via direct DPS and multiply DPS via DR stats tanks have.

For PvP it may be rebalanced as tank stance lowering DPS against players.


O god never thought about it that way , double the amount of DPS in a proper trinity FP would be horrific for a Tank and healer , i agree. So maybe a tactical 6 player FP only.


Don't want to start a war , but yeah the fact some DPS can taunt has bothered my tanking for a long time without me even knowing what the problem was with my tanks , anyways , 2 more DPS would be rough in the trinity FP's I feel.


No worries though carry on.





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done it on a min/max 55 tank and ye for him its way waaay to easy. no challenge at all


done it also on a low lvl alt the xp is nice but same as the 55 no challenge at all.


Imo a real gamer is after the feeling of victory, play your A game to get things done, work together, learn and down it.

This FP doesnt give that at all, but in all fairness its the community behind this ,cause when something challenging comes out ( LI HM ) ppl scream nerf all over the place.


Kinda sad this is the future of gameing, im probebly getting old but back in the days games were tuff and gave you a great feeling after completing it .


Want to talk real gamers? How about those of us from EQ grabbing the legendary sets? 1 month of prep time and 100 players need to help you down a boss that drops only one item...your legendary. You won't see that again as FPS style gamers have moved in and demand something for every second of time...there is no real "community" these days.




As for this tactical crap...I, like others, will point you to GW2. The loss of roles makes any kind of group content total ridiculous crap. I am fine with removing tanking and healing...IF they add in new roles. Controller (hard CCs that work even on bosses of every kind, no such thing as anyone or anything being immune...damage output far lower than even a tank due to needing to channel the hard mezzes), Waller (able to put up barriers no enemy can move through, including bosses. barriers can be ranged specific or even reflective for damage), De-buffer (able to seriously hinder enemies making even bosses incapable of using any special skill besides auto attacks, able to lower damage output, armor, attack speed, tech/force damage, etc etc), Leacher (variation of de-buffer by leaching something fromt he enemy to give it to the group, health, armor, speed, and damage being the primary).

The problem, of course, is that this requires brand new classes and TOR won't give us these classes.


GW2 was fun for leveling/exploring...a nightmare for PvP and Group content. The total lack of any role but damage and forcing people to watch over themselves is horrible. You either have to keep the game so easy that those who can co-ordinate walk through it in a zombie-like stupor...or you force roles and you get some form of trinity back into the game. This route TOR is taking is just horrible if it continues beyond story mode. Especially if it becomes their "new direction". It'll kill the PvE side of this game as badly as arenas and GSF have killed off ground PvP (hint...people begged for and asked for more 8v8 OBJECTIVE maps...they give us 4v4 arenas...because it is simpler to design a kill map than an objective map).

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