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Smashers and Operative Healers (and their republic counterparts)


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How much longer are we going to have to deal with these 2 classes being by far the best 2 to play?


No combination of classes could possibly stand against a smasher/operative healer team.


Why have so many advanced classes when only 2 of them are viable for PVP?


I see more and more teams that consist of nothing but smashers and operatives. It's not it's even a subtle issue it's so damn obvious it might as well smack the developers in the face. If they spent 30 minutes actually playing their game and did a couple of warzones they would very quickly notice that this is very a significant problem.

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Nope, 10 minutes into the game and I still get laughable 3k hidden strikes. Operatives is still reliant on crits. And the skill of their opponent.


I'd pick my operative if i want to solo guard nodes, but if i want to bring someone on the battlefield, I'd still respec to heals, or roll on my pyro merc, which can toss out a minimum of 5k rail shots consecutively.


Orbital strike or flyby serves nothing now but as an aoe marker to scare off people. Just as i liked to throw stealth scans in the midst of the fights to get people moving.


If anything else, monkeys with 7k+ smashes still dominates the food chain anyway.

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I've seen more carnage marauders lately, and they hurt more.


Saw you post in another thread though. You have a satisfaction with OS/flyby being nerfed as you see snipers an OP class as well. Is there anything you don't think is OP?


I really could care less about flyby its just fun to whind them up since they are call crying about it so much.


Smasher/Operative team is insane and there is a lot of them. You get 4/5 smashers and that is enough if they stay together to essentially go around aoe 1 shotting however many people stand in range. Smash damage needs to be reduced by a lot, they have way too many hard hitting instant cast skills. In full PVP gear they smack me for 8-9k smash, 9k+ dispatch, ravage seems to melt half my hp on the occasions I can't get away from it what's even more ridiculous it isn't interruptible. Then you have force scream another 8-9k by the time you've melted someone with those guess what you can now instant smash them again for another 8-9k.


It really is the dumbest spec ever. All while they do this you have those insane god mode heals flying all over the place from operatives/scoundrels which coupled with the amount of CD's that marauders/sentinels have especially makes them nigh on invincible while being the highest dps.


There is just no way to justify how ridiculously better a smasher/operative team is than ANYTHING else.

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