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Carket Market Item: Learning New Weapons & Skills

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One thing that I would like to see is the ability to learn additional weapons and skills, and not be limited to the one type of weapon that comes with a particular class.


Although I do enjoy many different classes, I do have a preferred character, and I am sure that many others feel the same. After level 50, it would be nice to be able to continue to play that favorite character, but be able to add additional abilities.


To make everything fair and more likely to be implemented, I would suggest the following setup:


You can only add an additional type of weapon or skill to a character if:


  1. Your character has already reached level 50.
  2. You have reached level 50 with a character that has the desired skill.
  3. You must earn it via quests or purchase it in the Cartel Market.


As an example, let's say you want your Smuggler to be able to use a sniper rifle. You would have to reach level 50 on your smuggler character, and also reach level 50 on your Imperial agent character. You can then purchase the skill in the Cartel Market (or a more interesting option would be to purchase a quest that allows you to learn the skill). There should also be a way to learn the skills without purchasing in the Cartel Market, but it would take more work to complete.


This would do several things:


  1. Encourages people to play more character classes to level 50 and beyond.
  2. Makes the game past level 50 more entertaining, interesting and challenging.
  3. Is something that generates revenue as a Cartel Market item.


All of which keeps people playing longer (and more likely to keep subscribing or purchase items).


I hope you consider it. :)

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I'm going to say not going to happen. As cool as that sounds I can tell you right now what's wrong with it.


First off that would require A LOT of reworking the game design.


Second that breaks the already wonky balance for PVP they have in this game. You'd be screwing up people's techniques for combating that type of player. People think their dealing with a Sniper and find out their dealing with a Powertech. Or people think it's a Sage when really it's a DPS juggernaut.


The only way this would work is if the change is simply cosmetic in that your basically swapping your weapon for your class counterpart's. I.E. a Powertech getting a Vanguard's Rifle and vice versa. (BTW...that should have been what happened anyway. Boba Fett has a freaking rifle.) Visually it's a different weapons but stats wise it's still the same weapon type and does the typical amount of damage.


Also the Ranged classes would be the only ones affected because each counterpart class Range wise has different weapon set ups. So you'd have Agents running around with pistols (like they should in the first place) and Smugglers with Rifles. There isn't any real difference between a Jedi Class and a Sith Class weapons wise so it's kinda unfair. I mean all you got to do is switch the lightsaber colors. (Not that most of you guys even care about the Color rules to begin with)


Just roll another character with the same name or rename your 55 character and make them look like the character you want to switch weapons with.

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Way you're describing it would take more coding then it has to be.



They just need to unlock the mirror class animations. because the assests mostly exist. and would only need minor tweaks.


Commando can use Dual Wield pistols, Mercs can use Auto Cannons.

Vanguard can use a pistol, Powertechs can use the Rifle

Scoundrel can use a rifle, Agents can use a pistol

Gunslingers can use a sniper, Snipers can dual wield.

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