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Assassin leveling spec ?


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The Assassin class doesn't really start flowing until the 20s. Really, the key is to start off putting two skill points into Dark Embrace. Stealth is a key feature for the class, and the 6 seconds of boosted force regeneration will make all the difference in the world during the opening of a fight.


If you want to continue down the Deception tree, get Darkswell, which lets you get the benefit of Dark Embrace's force regeneration in the middle of combat when you use Blackout (an ability you get around... lv22 or so).


Alternatively, you can be a Tank, but I don't recommend it with Khem being your only companion until Tattooine. You can certainly respect after you get some other companions, though. Personally, I'd start off going Deception or Madness. I like Deception, myself.


Madness focuses much more on placing DOTs on your enemies. Some say it's boring, I tend to agree. But certainly viable and effective.

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