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  • Absorb Rating reduces the amount of damage you suffer when you absorb an attack with your personal shield generator.
  • Accuracy Rating reduces your chance to miss with all attack types. If your accuracy goes over 100%, it reduces your targets chance to parry, deflect, dodge or resist your attacks.
  • Affection improves a companions mission and crafting results as well as reduces the amount of time for them to perform crew skill tasks.
  • Alacrity speeds up your activation times and channel times.
  • Critical Rating increases the frequency of critical hits, which deals more damage (or restores more health) than normal.
  • Defense Rating increases your chance to parry, deflect, or dodge both melee and ranged abilities.
  • Endurance increases the amount of damage you can take before you are defeated. Each point of Endurance gives you about +10 health.
  • Expertise improves the damage dealt to players, the damage reduction against players, and the healing done to allies engaged in PvP combat.
  • Power increases the damage or healing done by all abilities.
  • Presence increases combat effectiveness of your companion character.
  • Shield Rating increases your chance to absorb an attack with your personal shield generator. Shielded attacks deals less damage than usual.
  • Surge increases the magnitude of your critical hits and critical heals.




  • Strength increases your aptitude in melee combat. (Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior)
  • Aim is the Trooper and Bounty Hunter's primary attribute. It will increase the damage, healing and critical chance of both ranged and tech ability.
  • Cunning increases your aptitude with technological abilities. (Smuggler and Imperial Agent)
  • Willpower increases your aptitude with Force powers. (Jedi Consulor and Inquisitor)




The above information is what I have collected from the games loading screen tips. I am looking for the screen tip information for Strength, Cunning and Willpower. What information I do have for Strength, Cunning and Willpower are from doing a mouse-over on the Character Sheet, which is not very informative at all compared to the others. If anyone else has collected this information, can you please help me by posting the loading screen tip for Strength, Cunning and Willpower?


I keep this information on my game board above my computer to help me when selecting modifications for me and my companions.

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Ignoring class main stat bonuses:


Aim: Increases ranged bonus damage and ranged critical chance

Cunning: Increases tech bonus damage/healing and tech critical chance

Strength: Increases melee bonus damage and melee critical chance

Willpower: Increases force bonus damage/healing and force critical chance


Then of course, each is a "main stat" for a class


Trooper/BH: Aim increases both ranged and tech bonus damage/healing and crit chance

Smuggler/IA: Cunning increases both tech and ranged bonus damage/healing and crit chance

Knight/Warrior: Strength increases both melee and force bonus damage/healing and crit chance

Consular/Inquisitor: Willpower increases both force and melee bonus damage/healing and crit chance

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