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[The Sith Empire]Chronic Legacy


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Hello and welcome to Chronic Legacy! This new but casual guild is looking for new members that are social, active, friendly and want to be in a guild to help each other and progress through the game in PvE and PvP.


We would like to establish a group of people we can call friends; have a laugh, help each other with missions and just chill! There are no entry requirements except for a decent level of maturity (preferably 18+) and the willingness to be active in-game and possibly VoIP (Voice over IP).


Ariien and Zaragord

I'm Ryan (Ariien), and the other guild master is Glen (Zaragord). I'm a IT student and Glen is a painter and decorator just looking to spend endless hours knee deep in SWTOR! Even if you're new, if you have any questions or would like help just either ask one of us or another member of the guild and you're set!


As the guild grows, there are endless possibilities and room for future growth such as a community base (such as a homepage and forum (IT student ;) )


We are not looking for the type of people who want to be in a guild "for the sake of being in a guild". We all know there are certain bonuses when joining a guild, and would just like a few sound people to hang around with!




And yes.. it's the good type of chronic ;)

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