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I am not all that well versed in the Star Wars canon and extended universes, but playing TOR, it raised a few questions in my mind, and I'm sure you all have the answers.


What happens to places like Dromund Kaas and Korriban after the old republic era is over? Like for example during the time of the movies, episodes 1-3 in particular where the Empire is "gone", are these planets just empty shells now? Places like Coruscant are still in use obviously, as the heart of the republic/empire, but what about DK/Korriban? These are 2 major areas during the TOR area, as the sith homeworld and the seat of the empire.

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Spoilers ahoy for Dark Empire, Jedi Knight/Academy games, Legacy of the Force, Fate of the Jedi, Resurrection, and Legacy.


Still a known location, but with the Sith presumed "extinct" for 1,000 years it had lost most of its significance to the Galaxy at large by the time of the movies.

During the Movies: A'sharad Hett, a Jedi Knight who survived the Jedi Purge, but had already begun to fall to the Dark Side, hid out on Korriban. There he encountered the spirit of one of the first Dark Lords of the Sith, XoXaan, who began teaching him Sith secrets he intended to use to defeat the Emperor and Vader. By the time he left Korriban, believing himself ready to face the Sith, they had already been killed at Endor. (Legacy comic series)


11 years after Ep. IV: A clone of Palpatine visited it to consult with the spirits of the Sith lords entombed there after his clone bodies begin failing him; they are the ones who tell him his only chance at continued survival will be to possess Anakin Solo - which leads him to his final showdown with the Skywalkers/Solos. (Dark Empire comic series)


14 years after Ep. IV: A Sith-worshiping cult called the Disciples of Ragnos splintered off from the Empire Reborn faction and based themselves there. Their leader, Tavion, was attempting to resurrect the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos (and yes, his helmet really does look like that). Luke, Kyle Katarn and his apprentice Jaden Korr stopped them and defeated the cult. (Jedi Academy game)

30ish years after Ep. IV: A'sharad Hett returned to Korriban after escaping from the Yuuzhan Vong and learning more of the Sith through the aspiring Sith Lord Vengere, he declared himself Darth Krayt and started a new Sith order, The One Sith, on Korriban. He began training followers in secret on Korriban and working from the shadows. The Dark Jedi Alema Rar discovered the One Sith there and studied under them for a short while. Around 130 years after the movies, the One Sith revealed themselves openly to the Galaxy and were able to take over the Fel Empire, and with it most of the Galaxy. Korriban remained a key world in this new Sith Empire. (Legacy of the Force novels, Fate of the Jedi novels, Legacy comic series)


Dromund Kaas:

Has something of a habit of becoming a "forgotten" world from time to time, but remained a base for various Sith/Dark Side groups.

About 1,000 years before the movies: Darth Millenial, one of the "One Master, One Apprentice" Sith decides he doesn't believe in the Rule of Two, and deserts his master, forming his own Dark Side order: The Dark Force religion and its leaders, The Prophets of the Dark Side, based on Dromund Kaas.

Around the time of the Prequels: Darth Sidious discovered the existence of the Prophets, and had all records of Dromund Kaas deleted from the Jedi Archives at the same time he had the records of Kamino deleted.


Between the Prequels and the Original Trilogy: The Emperor sends Darth Vader to Dromund Kaas to test him and as part of a plan to bring the Prophets of the Dark Side into the Empire. Vader defeats a clone of Darth Maul and the Prophets become The Emperor's Mages/The Secret Order of the Empire. (Resurrection comic)


9 years after Ep. IV: Kyle Katarn, while training Mara Jade as a Jedi, discovered the planet based on some ancient artifacts and went to investigate. While exploring the Dark Temple, he was overpowered by the Dark Side's presence on the world and fell to the Dark Side himself, until he was redeemed by Mara. (Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith game)

40 years after Ep. IV: Luke, his son Ben and some companions went to Dromund Kaas while attempted to track down the powerful force entity Abeloth; they fought against a group of Sith warriors who had fallen under Abeloth's power, but were able to defeat them. (Fate of the Jedi novels)

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